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Appointment Scheduler 

Save time and money while reducing contamination with our Appointment Scheduler – a digital tool which helps people book appointments online for drop-off events, such as hazardous waste or other items – without curbside pickup.

How The Appointment Scheduler Helps You

Lower Call Volumes

By scheduling all recycling and disposal drop-off events online, people no longer need to tie up your team with phone calls.

Make it easy for people to schedule (and remember) drop-off events while minimizing health and safety risks to your community.

Reduce Call Volumes

Recycling Data Insights

Go Digital: Save Time

Save time and money while reducing contamination with our Appointment Scheduler

Gone are the days of pen, paper, and binders to track appointments.

Our Appointment Scheduler is 100% digital and is accessible through a web or mobile app. Save time, reduce unnecessary errors, and help people self-serve.

Increase Diversion

People are more likely to recycle if the process is easy.

With our online appointment tool complete with reminders and cancellations, they dispose of materials properly, including high-risk ones like hazardous waste.

Our powerful dashboard lets you quickly update content, add materials and monitor usage.

Increase Waste Diversion

Recycling Education

Help People Self Serve

Because the Appointment Scheduler is digital and accessible from your website tools or any smartphone, it allows people to self serve.

Avoid costly no-shows, and allow people to cancel upcoming appointments within your specified time window.

Best-In-Class Digital Tools

All of our digital tools are:

  • Custom branded to your organization
  • Tailored specifically to your needs
  • 100% compliant
  • 100% accessible
  • Built to exceed web security requirements

Brand Strength

What Do Our Customers Say?

"We’ve never really been able to measure the effectiveness of the content to see if anyone’s taking action on it. But with ReCollect we were able to see the huge spike in downloads of the app and addresses searched right when we promoted this in the link which shows it works."

Jamie Shockley, Strategic Communications Analyst, City of Olathe

"Working internally we felt like it would take a long time (to build the tool we wanted) and we felt like (with ReCollect) that whatever you needed: instantly, it was there.

Whatever you needed was right there after you put in your address, rather than having to drill down through a GIS database."

Tanya Gray, City of Vancouver, WA

“We’ve been really happy with the service, it’s been a user friendly process for us and the residents have been delighted to choose the way that they’re communicated with. We definitely recommend it for municipalities looking at ways to improve communications and their waste program.”

Melinda Jolley, Communications Coordinator, City of Victoria.

Delighted Customers

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