Here at ReCollect, our customers are our heroes. Our mission is to arm these organizations with resources and digital tools to help them empower people to recycle right.

Behind the scenes of our customers’ tools — such as the Waste Wizard, Collection Calendar, and more — are our developers, support and data engineers, and others, who work tirelessly to create easy-to-use and cutting-edge products to fit our customers’ needs. After all, these tools are nothing without a support staff who oversees how the tools operate and helps our customers make the most of them.

We’re in it for the long haul

Our support and data engineers work hand in hand to oversee the quality of our customer’s tools. I, for instance, am a customer support engineer here at ReCollect. I work with our customers to ensure they get the most out of their investments, and that they are able to maintain them to better help their customers, residents and other end users.

I enjoy having the opportunity to use my skills to provide a combination of technical support while managing quick and efficient product builds with a variety of automation initiatives.

The ReCollect support team has created a variety of automatic processes to better respond to customer needs. This includes an easy-to-complete online onboarding form our customers use that funnels their responses directly into the product building system. These forms extend one more layer to ensure that our customers’ digital recycling communication and education tools align with customers’ needs.

Streamlined, automated processes, such as the onboarding form, allow our support team to spend less time on setting up products and more time building standardized, quality assurance checklists for our products to anticipate issues before they happen.

These seamless processes allow us to quickly deliver high-quality service to our customers, who, in turn, can quickly review and launch their digital tools to help customers of their own. Because so many of our processes are automated, it frees up time for us to work with customers and customer success managers to continuously make sure everyone has a variety of innovative solutions to help them meet their goals. 

We are with you, every step of the way

From set-up and implementation and beyond, our staff members are with our customers every step of the way. The organizations we work with pair their digital tools with their passion and expertise to provide the best service and recycling education there is to their end-users and it is important to us that they have our support.

When a customer onboards with ReCollect, our experienced data team sets up and manages their tools. Our mobile support team works with the customer to make sure developer accounts are set up appropriately, and that mobile app artwork and other aspects suit the customer’s needs and align with their branding.

After the ball is rolling, our customer support team completes standardized quality assurance checks for these tools such as the Waste Wizard, the Waste Sorting Game, Special Collection, Appointment Scheduler, the Need Help Forms, and others.

The City of Columbia Special Collection in Missouri, for instance, recently went through the quality assurance check with our support team, and we created a more efficient system that will save city employees at least four steps in one of their processes alone.

Real help when you need it

At the end of the day, our goal is to combine our expertise in solid waste and recycling with easy-to-use technology that works for our customers and the planet. Our support team provides fail-safe solutions to help our customers make the most of their investment. Ultimately, these tools help to better the lives of our neighbors and the planet, too — a win-win for us all.