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September Success Update

What is Customer Success at ReCollect?

A group of passionate individuals whose goal is to proactively enable and empower our customers to get value out of our tools and knowledge, to achieve their goals.

How exactly do we do that? Great question. See below for the answer ⤵️

Now, that all looks well and good in point form, but you might be asking for more specifics.

In which case, never fear, CS is here ⤵️

As you read on, we hope you find some quality information that can help you both today and in the future. We will be updating this post monthly, to bring you all the best resources to assist you in your efforts to succeed and grow.

– The CS Team

Procurement is Easy – No, Really!

We Provide Two Easy Options

How does Sourcewell help?


Sourcewell has been facilitating cooperative purchasing and other services to government, education and non-profit organizations for over 40 years. ReCollect has been a Sourcewell-awarded vendor since 2017, combining deep expertise in solid waste and recycling with industry-leading communications technology for government and business organizations.

This means that government agencies can procure products produced by these vendors without creating their own Request for Proposal. Instead, they can piggyback on this international joint procurement vehicle to purchase more quickly, affordably, and easily.

“Don’t let procurement get in the way of progress. Working with government agencies for 20+ years, there is nothing more frustrating for us than not being able to help due to procurement burdens,” said Drew Rifkin, VP of Sales and Marketing at ReCollect. “The great news is that with Sourcewell, the procurement process is already done, so our customers can simply leverage it and focus on progress, and continue doing what they do best.”

Don’t duplicate the bidding process — with Sourcewell, the RFP is already done!

It’s Easy to Renew with Canoe!

Canoe Procurement

The Canoe Procurement Group represents a partnership of municipal associations across the country. In operation since 1936, the purchasing group was created by its membership specifically to support public and non-profit organizations through mutually beneficial, trade-compliant relations with suppliers.

The Canoe Waste Management Program has partnered with leading manufacturers of innovative waste management vehicles and equipment. With a wide variety of suppliers to choose from, you’ll be able to find the products that meet your specific needs.

Canoe members enjoy preferred pricing, trade-compliant purchasing methods and a simplified process which reduces administrative time.

In order to join, your organizations must be a municipality, public sector entity, or registered not-for-profit group. Membership gives your organizations access to all cooperative procurement programs.

Membership for municipalities is generally handled through your territory or provinces municipal association. Click here to confirm.

Wondering how we can help improve your waste and recycling programs or want to know more about how Sourcewell & Canoe can help? Let’s talk!

Success eLearning

Moving Day – Are You Ready?

Above and below you can see examples of campaigns ReCollect customers ran in the past, focused around move-outs of apartments, including student housing. But move-in days can be just as troublesome – do you know how to handle them?

Whether you’re a university town or a quickly growing community, you can benefit by putting outreach & education efforts into the Move-Out periods and reduce waste, labor and costs.

During the below webinar, we will discuss:
– How to utilize your ReCollect tools during these times.
– Outreach & education tactics to target your movers & get started.
– How the City of Cambridge is tackling move-out waste with local partners.

Access the Webinar

Save Money With ReCollect

How Much Money Can ReCollect Save You?

The ROI of our tools are immense – especially when factoring in Print, Call Volume, and Web Change cost calculations.

Learn more by clicking the button below.

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Product Spotlight

The Future of Recycling Communications is Digital

ReCollect Mobile App

Proper recycling is all about timely and accurate communication with people. Communicate and engage with people easily – all in our industry-leading mobile app.

Help People Stay Connected

Let’s face it, people are connected digitally and print is in decline. Want people stay connected to you?

Our custom-branded mobile app allows you to deliver the information people need, at the right time.

Notify your audience about updates to collection schedules, show them where or how to properly dispose of or recycle any material in your materials list or how to request special collections.

All people need is the mobile app. Let’s make recycling easy for people.

Let People Access Real-Time

Have changes you need to communicate now? Not a problem. Our mobile app allows you to stay connected to people in real-time.

Whether you need to make changes to proper recycling or disposal instructions, or update delays in collection schedule due to weather, the changes are communicated quickly.

Say goodbye to printed calendars and assorted mailers. Say hello to mobile apps.

Help People Self-Serve

When we provide a reliable and easily accessible way for people to self-serve, they take care of themselves.

Help people build great recycling habits with our mobile app.

Lower call volumes and customer support costs, reduce your costs for print materials while increasing engagement and delighting people.

Thank you for reading our article. We hope you found it helpful.

If you’re looking for more information, if you’d like a demo of how our tools work, or if your customer service staff are feeling overwhelmed and you would like to discuss additional support, Let’s Connect! ♻️

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