My name is Candace and I manage our amazing Support and Data team who everyday demonstrate the values that first drew me to ReCollect.

Three years ago, I joined ReCollect as the Data Technician. I was drawn to ReCollect’s values: supporting customers, building delightful products, innovation, and bettering the planet. As a company, ReCollect is always striving to help humans live in harmony with the planet and provides organizations with waste management tools to achieve this goal. With over 15 years in the tech industry, I was excited to use the skills I’d gained in technical support to build out ReCollect’s data infrastructure and champion this mission. I didn’t imagine then that I would one day be leading a group of people who work hard to exemplify these values for our customers.

If you’re considering expanding your waste management strategy to engage and inspire your residents and customers digitally, you can implement ReCollect’s waste and recycling communications tools knowing our Support team is working with you to ensure success. Find out how we can work together to improve communications and promote your organization’s strategy.

Who Is The Support Team?

Our Support and Data team work hand in hand with you from the minute you onboard, through to when you reach your goals.

Whether you want to:

  • Reduce recycling contamination and wishcycling
  • Reduce call volumes and missed collections
  • Empower your end-users to self serve

Our team is there to ensure success. With our support, your ReCollect tools will become a staple of your waste management strategy. Using your data and branding, we build your tools, making sure they meet all of your needs. We review and test each of your products, nothing but the best for our customers! Once the tools are ready for your end-users, we’ll help you embed them onto your website and we’ll release the mobile app. Using your data and deliverables, we deliver your end-users the pertinent information they need to know.

  • We love learning about your community’s waste and recycling programs while we build your Waste Wizards and Games.
  • Looking at getting a mobile app? We’ll walk you through the steps to create your developer accounts.
  • With an eye for detail, we make sure your tools align seamlessly with your existing brand.
  • We respond to questions your users may have about the web or mobile app, so you don’t have to!
  • Creating calendars is easy with the help of our Data wizards.
  • We’ll build and configure your web app, making sure it meets all of your needs.

You don’t have to have a background in tech to make these valuable tools available to your residents and customers, we’ve got you covered!

What Does Support Do?

Whether it’s helping you with your data or walking you through sending your first service alert, we’re with you every step of the way. We have team members across North America who are available to help you 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, no matter what timezone you are in.

Do you have a question about your new tool? We offer quick responses, and love working with our customers one-on-one using tools like Zoom and email, and supporting you with clear documentation about the product with ReCollect Academy.

During emergencies, our team has become an integral part of our customers’ communications strategies:

  • We can quickly work with you to send service alerts to your end-users about delays or cancellations. Say it’s garbage day, but your trucks are buried under 4 feet of snow – we’ll help you send an alert letting your residents and customers know that collection is going to be postponed.
  • A week before the snowstorm, you scheduled an outdoor drop-off event, the weather called for sun! We’ll remove the event from your calendars.

“Recollect has been fantastic. It’s now an integral part of our communications. The reminders and service alerts are extremely helpful, particularly during snow storms or other emergencies. We’ve had great feedback from residents who appreciate the updates about delayed collection. It’s an efficient and convenient way to share information with our community as quickly as possible.”

  • Anne Guillo, Manager of Communications at the City of Courtenay

How Does Support Help You?

  • We configure every tool to suit our customers’ needs and brand.
  • Your Waste Wizard is well-researched and will be set-up to meet your community’s specific waste and recycling requirements.
  • We’ll gather detailed information about your organization’s Special Collection program to make booking appointments and carrying out pick-ups easier.
  • Setting up your calendars is a breeze. We’ll work with you to make sure your end-users get accurate information about their collections.
  • You can expect to save money (and trees!) once your calendars are online. And don’t worry – we’ll help you renew and update them every year.
  • Questions from end-users about holiday pick ups, collection delays, and how to dispose of confusing items will all be answered by your ReCollect tools, saving you time.

With our team’s automation initiatives and passion for innovation, our products and the way we use them are always improving. Which is why your data can be updated in ReCollect’s system with a simple drag and drop! This feature makes importing and updating your data easier. You can upload any file type, not just CSVs, to design calendars for different zones, define special collection options, and more! Our Data wizards are eager to learn the different ways our data drop can help you. It’s an easy to use process, that allows you to update your data at any time and see the changes happen in real-time, you’ll even get a handy email notifying you of changes! We’re always looking to make your experience easier!

We always want the tools to stay as relevant as the first day you released them. If you’re looking to revamp your mobile app, we’ll update it with your new artwork and branding. If you don’t have new artwork, but you’re ready for a refresh, we’ll design it for you!

Most importantly, we are here to empower you!

You can confidently make the tools your own, with our Support team standing by for questions. Our friends in Boston know their residents well – their Waste Wizard materials are customized for their community. Instead of simply listing “coffee cup” as a material, you can learn how to properly dispose of a “Dunkin Donuts cup.” We love to help our tools speak to your organization and the people you serve.

With us by your side, you can engage a wider audience using delightful products, reduce contamination rates, and promote sustainability. We’re a passionate team who love to make our products work for you.

If your values align with ours and you’re excited to collaborate on a modern waste management communications solution – Let’s Talk.