Brittany Loffredo Walks the Walk and Talks the Waste Management Talk

Though she’s only been at ReCollect for a short while, Brittany Loffredo is already finding that every day on the job is a bit different than the last.

As Account Executive for ReCollect’s east coast territory, Brittany spends a lot of time connecting with others—be it reaching out to clients, creating proposals for those interested, or working with the marketing team to see what’s on the horizon.

A self-proclaimed solutions provider with the experience to back it, one of Brittany’s main roles is helping municipalities and universities adopt better recycling behaviours. “I provide them with the tools needed to educate and empower their residents,” she says. “I love sharing our products because I know they will help improve things for them.”

With a waste and recycling background that spans over a decade, Brittany worked for the largest hauler in the Mid-Atlantic market in the D.C. area, beginning in operations, where she learned the behind-the-scenes functions of the industry, including the differences between equipment like compactors and front loaders.

From there, Brittany managed the sales department, which she says was a real eye opener. “I never knew how important trash was to people until theirs wasn’t picked up,” she laughs. “I was really able to learn people’s pain points and how to offer the right solutions for them.”

When she saw an opening at ReCollect, Brittany was immediately intrigued by the company’s philosophy. “They seemed really approachable,” she says. “Everyone on the website was in their hoodies, having fun.”

But it was more than just the relaxed environment that motivated Brittany to take the job.

“I saw they were owned and operated by Routeware, which I was familiar with already,” she reveals. “Between that, their user-friendly products, and the humble way they do business, it felt like a good fit.”

She was right. Brittany’s extensive background enables her speak to new customers in a language they truly understand, while the new challenges of the job let her learn new areas of the waste and recycling business she never knew before. “”It’s a great synergy,” she says.

Already an avid recycler with a passion for Earth Day (she won her sixth grade Earth Day contest for Best T-Shirt Design), Brittany says working at ReCollect motivates her to keep up with the good habits she’s already started. “I try to lead by example and show my 6-year old twins, Sophia and Antonio, why recycling is so important,” she says. “That includes making other smart choices, like driving less or picking litter off the beach so it doesn’t get in the ocean.”

Being able to share the benefits of recycling with others is also one of the things Brittany enjoys most about her job. “I get to make a difference, and not just for a few people, but for several thousand at a time. It’s so powerful when we can all come together and make positive change.”

She credit ReCollect’s leaders for creating both products and a team that are equal parts smart, innovative and grounded. “We offer products that are extremely unique and that no one else offers,” say Brittany. Then there’s the people, which she describes as an extremely close group that supports each another.

“That’s pretty special for being such a new team,” she says warmly. “I get to work with great people, and help the planet a little bit each day.”

Brittany recently attended CRA & NJ SWANA. To read more about our events, click here.

If you’d like to connect with Brittany (and/or talk to her about her twins), book a time here.

6 Fast Facts About Brittany:

What is Brittany doing in her free time? Taking my twins, Sophia and Antonio, to Monster Jam, is always a blast because they absolutely love it.

Favourite Routine? I always start with a coffee, drink lots of water throughout the day, then finish the day with a glass (or two) of wine.

If you were a hot sauce, what level would you rate yourself and why? My husband says I’m “atomic pepper” level because I can be a lot to handle—but in the best way!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I would love to be invisible so I can see and hear what people do when I’m not around.

People on planet earth should: Take a step back and appreciate what we have (shout out to Mother Nature).

The world could do without: Hatred towards others.♻️