Helping others is more than just a job for Grant Smith; it’s his mission.    

A little bit of empathy can go a long way, and ReCollect’s Customer Success Manager Grant Smith knows it. Grant strives every day to understand the challenges and problems customers face so he can do whatever he can to make things easier for them. He is so great at putting himself in the customers’ shoes because he used to be one. 

Before Grant was a ReCollect employee, he was a ReCollect customer.  He worked for Surrey County Council in England, which partners with 11 Districts and Boroughs to manage the County’s solid waste. The Council became ReCollect’s first customer in the United Kingdom when it purchased the company’s Waste Wizard and mobile app.  

There, Grant worked to align policy, services and communications. One project he was part of involved tackling contamination through technology and engaging residents. The Council became a customer and started working with ReCollect and using its digital tools.

Grant first got his start in the waste and recycling industry back in 2008, orchestrating outreach and education for municipalities, going door-to-door and conducting surveys, analyzing results and providing recommendations. He also worked as Recycling Officer for four years at the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in England.  

Grant’s wife is from the U.S. and three and half years ago they decided to move ‘back’. Since he had experience working with ReCollect, he asked the company whether there were any career opportunities, and “voila,” he said; he was offered a position in 2016.

When you have an issue and you pick up the phone, Grant is the person you want on the other end of the line. A perfectionist, Grant enjoys helping others, and he cares about getting the little things right. He also wants to make sure his customers get the most out of ReCollect’s products. 

He is, at his core, a people person who loves talking and sharing experiences with others. The easiest thing he does, he says, is show up for work because he loves the people he works for and with. 

In his free time, Grant enjoys outdoor activities, golf, and football — the game with the black-and-white ball. He dreams of seeing people coming together, working together and supporting each other. Until that day comes, all Grant can do is practice what he preaches. And thankfully, he has chosen to do that at ReCollect. 

6 Fast Facts About Grant

  1. What is he listening to? Kamasi Washington.
  2. What gets him through a hard day? Spending time with his daughter, Poppy, and a lakeview. 
  3. Superpower: Procrastination
  4. He believes people on Planet Earth should: Live more in the present.
  5. He believes the world could do without: Sweet pickles.
  6. If he were a hot sauce, how hot would he be (1-10)? A 4 or 5. Grant is pretty mild-mannered, and rarely is hot or flustered.