Ryan Buhay Has No Time to Waste.

*This video first appeared in the April 2022 edition of our Hauler Newsletter.*

As Account Executive for all Haulers, every day is different for Ryan Buhay. Some days, he’s jam packed with meetings. Other days, he’s on the phone, moving deals forward or demonstrating how ReCollect tools work and can improve processes. Whatever the day, Ryan always gets in the right headspace by reviewing his tasks for the day, scanning his Google alerts for prospects, and checking in on the latest industry news.

Believe it or not, Ryan’s step into the waste management industry started with a career in education. After teaching kindergarten in Taiwan for three years and working as a research assistant while completing his Bachelor of Arts degree, he found a job as an Education Coordinator for a waste company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His first task – creating recycling education programs for kids drew him in and soon, Ryan was completely enthralled with recycling and the waste industry.

His role grew into a larger communication role, which had him managing several different customer-facing initiatives. It was here that Ryan’s career with ReCollect began in 2017.

After moving BC, Ryan was looking for a new job in the waste industry. “When I found ReCollect, I knew this was where I wanted to be,” he asserts. “They were on the cutting edge of the waste industry, with new ideas about how waste communications should be done.” He started off first as a business development representative (BDR), and then an account executive. And he hasn’t looked back since.

Ryan believes his previous experience working for a waste hauler really helped him at ReCollect. “I’ve lived through a lot of the challenges our hauler customers are looking to solve,” he reveals. “I love being consultative and sharing the lessons I’ve learned. ReCollect is perfectly suited to help haulers meet these challenges.”

A self-proclaimed recycling nerd, Ryan brings his love for sustainability home. While his wife Liza takes care of their newest addition, daughter Paisley, he handles all waste-related tasks in the house. He says ReCollect really helped him understand the importance behind recycling.

“When I first moved to Vancouver Island, I was lucky enough to live in a district that was a ReCollect customer,” he says. “The app has tons of educational items that helped me become a good recycler very quickly.”

Aside from the wealth of recycling knowledge ReCollect has provided, Ryan says it’s the people he gets to talk to every day that he enjoys most about his job—especially watching them flourish after implementing the ReCollect tools. “Having a job where I can connect with people is really important to me,” he states. “My role with ReCollect has that in spades.”

It’s also provided an abundance of learning opportunities that allowed Ryan to stay on top of industry trends and deepen his industry knowledge. And while he admits that sales can be a bit of a rollercoaster, the rush of closing a deal makes it all worth it. “I can’t explain the rush of a signed contract hitting your inbox,” he proclaims. “The juice is worth the squeeze.”

Ryan’s hard work has certainly paid off, too, playing a vital role in increasing ReCollect’s presence in the hauler market. Considered an emerging market when he first joined the ReCollect team, Ryan says haulers are now a full-fledged Sales Territory. “I’m really proud of the role I played in that.”

He’s also grateful to be part of ReCollect’s company culture, and says he knew he had become part of something special from the very beginning.

“I knew ReCollect was a rare gem. Our leadership, the people, the vision – I’ve never experienced anything quite like it before. It’s what makes ReCollect so unique and fun to work for.”

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WasteExpo Promo

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6 Fast Facts About Ryan

What is Ryan listening to? I’m a total mixed bag, but lately I’ve been really digging the Surf Rock Sunshine playlist on Spotify.

What is Ryan doing in his free time? I play ball hockey at a competitive level, and am the goalie for the Victoria Dragons. We were able to play in the CBHA Nationals last year, which was a pretty cool experience.

If you were a hot sauce, what level would you rate yourself and why? Maybe a 7 ½ out of 10? I’ve got some kick, but I’m not going to totally burn your face off.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Teleportation! This would make it so much easier, especially with a new baby. Traveling with kids is intense!

People on planet earth should: Buy products with sustainable packaging

The world could do without: Styrofoam