Celebrating Security- ReCollect’s 2018 Audit Pass 

ReCollect is deeply committed to our customers, and as such, we have annual security audits to make sure you and your data are protected. To assure a thorough and unbiased process we hire a reputable third-party auditor, Altius IT, to perform an overall security check and evaluate ReCollect’s web application software. After testing to make sure our software met industry standard security and privacy requirements, we are happy to say that we have successfully passed our 2018 security audit!

At ReCollect we have an annual commitment to security to allow for our customer’s continual trust. We do not take this lightly and as a result we want to celebrate yet another secure year! With recent security breaches, we want to keep going the extra mile to test our systems. for this, the audit uses manual and automated tools to emulate an attack and analyze for any potential software weakness.

As a result of the tests, Altius “validated the existence and effectiveness of specific security controls to mitigate and eliminate threats” within ReCollect Systems Inc.

For many organizations, Web applications are the most vulnerable element of their IT infrastructure.  As organizations use the Internet for customer, employee, and vendor interactions, Web technologies become more complex.  Our paramount-security motivation stems from the fact that, as an organization, we want to secure our web applications to combat security risks and allow for our clients’ peace of mind.

We are proud to celebrate our successful security audit and invite you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns- We would be happy to tell you more about how we keep you and your data  YOURS!