ReCollect is ecstatic to congratulate our very own Ryan Buhay, who through his experience, knowledge and exceptional charisma has received Waste 360’s 40 under 40 awardWith a big mission to reduce waste, Ryan Buhay’s impact in the Canadian waste industry has been definite and continues to grow through his work as an account executive with ReCollect.

After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan, Ryan dove head-first into his waste management career as a Community Relations Coordinator for Loraas Disposal Services in Saskatoon. As the city was launching its first-ever mandatory curb-side recycling program, there was a large need for public education to allow for its success; this is where Ryan stepped into the picture. At Loraas Disposal Services, Ryan led the conceptual creation, implementation and design of an in-house Education Centre to host visitors at the MRF. The purpose of this program was to educate and engage the public, ranging from schools, commercial and governmental sectors, in the importance of waste diversion. This program allowed for its participants to fully understand the processes and intricacies of the recycling world, thus allowing them to be more cognizant of how their behaviors affect communities and encouraging them to become agents for positive change. Through the 2-hour interactive MRF tour experience, multiple assemblies, and other public speaking appearances, Ryan became a recycling expert and helped shape the face of recycling in the province.

As a result of his deep understanding of recycling programs and what was needed for their successful start, Ryan became a specialist for cities that were new to launching single stream recycling programs. He helped the City of Saskatoon and other municipalities with regards to their communication strategies and ways in which the programs could be geared for success. His insights and ideas led to the creation of various educational initiatives, one of which was the first-ever Community-based Social Marketing program that tackled recycling behaviors of Saskatoon residents.

Ryan’s public profile continued to grow as he managed numerous media inquiries and television interviews, hosted tours and arranged public speaking engagements for various industry stakeholders and municipalities. Needless to say we were proud to welcome a recycling celebrity to our ReCollect family in April 2017.

ReCollect’s CEO, David Eaves, believes Ryan will continue to have a positive influence on the waste sector as “Ryan embodies the passion, drive, and skills we seek at ReCollect. His experience in both the hauling industry and in eduction give him a unique window into how waste behaviours affect MRF operations and enable him to effectively help others fill this knowledge gap using modern communications tools about waste.”

As an Account Executive, Ryan continues to foster exceptional communication and engagement practices in the waste management world. Currently Ryan helps bridge communications between haulers and clients regarding waste collection operations and practices through ReCollect’s digital solution services. When Waste 360 asked for his advice for an aspirant of a career in the waste and recycling industry, he said:

“Don’t be afraid to get dirty. MRF tours and waste audits can be incredibly formative experiences regardless of your education or job focus. The waste stream can be cringeworthy at times, but experiencing these spaces is a badge of honor in the industry.

Also, don’t be afraid to stand out. This industry always needs fresh ideas and new perspectives. Sometimes that means going against the status quo. Do your research and make your case. Don’t be discouraged if people aren’t receptive to change at first. I learned many times that getting told “no” on an idea or project doesn’t necessarily mean “no” forever. Keep at it!

Contact Ryan on Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to congratulate and get to know a bit more about the legend himself.

Again, congratulations from all of us at ReCollect, Ryan!