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Spring Has Sprung, There’s Recycling to Be Done

*We’ve put together the best waste industry news from April!*

Happy spring, recycling friends! As we gear up this month to spring clean, celebrate Earth Day and renew our recycling work, this month also presents the perfect time to refresh our communication efforts to ensure we reach everyone we serve, too.

  • Language. Do the people you serve face any language barriers? Are there people in your community for which English is a second language? Whether you’re enlisting help from translators or selecting digital tools like those from ReCollect that can accommodate a variety of languages, make sure your program and education materials are reflective of your community.
  • Meet people where they are. Consider the people you serve. Do they have access to the internet, your website and digital tools? Do you serve an aging population, or perhaps a lot of tourists and visitors? Make sure your programs and education efforts reach everyone you serve — no matter their age or the length of time they plan to spend in your area.
  • Make the most of your tools. From your website to your ReCollect tools, make sure you are using your resources to the max. This may mean moving recycling FAQs to the front and center of your website or as a pinned post on your social media platforms. Or, if you use digital tools from ReCollect, be sure that you’re using your digital tools to influence your communications.

If you’d like more information about how to connect with hard-to-reach demographics in your area, check out our new webinar and new blog on the topic today. Happy spring!

Recycled Humor

So bad, it just might be good.

Why are recycling bins so optimistic?

Because they’re full of cans.

Industry Updates

Attending WasteExpo?

We’re exhibiting! Book a demo or stop by booth #3550 to meet the team! We will plant one tree for every booth visitor.

WasteExpo Focus Group

We want to hear from you! Join us for a focus group session. Participants will have an opportunity to learn more about upcoming developments in the community engagement space.

Pilot Program – Possibilities for Organics

After launching a large-scale organic waste recycling pilot program in Otter Tail County, MN, participating facilities quickly got the hang of the program.

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SWANA Highlights Best Practices

SWANA Applied Research Foundation has released an important report called the Efficient Management of Waste & Recycling Collection Resources.

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    Aluminum Can

    Aluminum: ‘Vital Role’ in Circular Economy

    Data shows that more than 70% of aluminum can materials are recycled into new products, nearly double that of plastic (40%) and glass (34%).
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    ReCollect eLearning

    Webinar – Engaging All Demographics

    Learn how to leverage technology to reach diverse communities.

    Watch Now

    Campus Digital

    [Blog] Top Reasons to Go Digital for Campuses

    Digitizing your campus engagement can reap massive benefits and, most importantly, make waste and recycling guidelines easy to find for the campus community.

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