Yesterday was the last day of WasteExpo!

Were you at WasteExpo?

We hope you had a chance to visit with Routeware at Booth #3550 in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center; to stop by, take a selfie against our selfie wall, play the Waste Sorting Game powered by ReCollect, and demo our fleet automation, route optimization, and workflow management solutions.

We’re planting one tree for every badge we scanned, and five trees for every guest who requested information. For those that did a demo with one of our solutions engineers, we’re planting 20 trees!

Three things we learned more about at WasteExpo

1 – Sustainability – especially at the producer level

In the simplest terms, the waste and recycling industry has long focused on disposal: providing a place for materials to go when people no longer need or want them. And while producer responsibility certainly is not a new concept, it’s one that’s gaining traction and seeing meaningful action. At WasteExpo, extended producer responsibility was the focus of a “Super Session” on Monday, which addressed complex ideas, such as who should bear the financial burden for the lifecycle of a product.

2 – Fleet decarbonization

Spoiler alert: It’s not only about electrification. With rising fuel costs pressuring municipal and private haulers alike, efficiency is the name of the game. Now perhaps more than ever before, haulers know that making the most of every mile is absolutely critical to solvency, and software solutions for Route Optimization can help ease budget strain while reducing the environmental impact of solid waste collection routes.

3 – The circular economy

“Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” If the circular economy had an axiom, this could be it.

Today’s circular initiatives touch every aspect of the waste industry, from plastic packaging and recycling market development, to food and organics recovery. Each of these topics was the theme of a session at WasteExpo this week.

Municipal and private haulers have an important role to play, ensuring that collection is effective and efficient, and that their customers understand how to properly participate in recycling programs to ensure that streams retain their value as sustainable feedstocks.

Learn more. Find out how we can help you become more efficient and effective with our integrated suite of technology solutions for smart cities and haulers. Let’s talk.