At ReCollect, we pride ourselves in building the industry’s most trusted and widely used digital recycling communication tools for government and organizations.

With 7 million users, over 400 customers and more than 10 years experience serving organizations and communities in the solid waste industry, we’ve learned a little about how to help you foster great recyclers and build a highly engaged audience that cares about recycling.

To do this, we’ve hired the best of the best.

Experts in technology. Data ninjas. Solid waste professionals and recycling educators like you, who have walked in your shoes, served in cities and organizations just like yours, and influenced impactful, long-term changes to their waste and recycling programs.

Here is an outline of how we partner with you to ensure long-term program success.


Our consulting process starts the moment we have our first call with you, and is critical to long term success for your programs. We listen, ask deep questions about your programs, and get a full understanding of the complexities for your programs.

  • What are you doing currently for outreach, and how do you currently communicate with your residents or customers?
  • How’s it working for you so far?
  • How do you determine the success of your programs?
  • What are the outcomes that you’re hoping to achieve?
  • What will your programs look like if five or ten years time?
  • No two customers are alike, and this stage is critical to ensure that you’re the right fit for our products and that you can be successful in the long term. We want to hear about the set of concerns that are unique to your organization, but you’ll no doubt have some questions for us.

Who else should we include in this conversation? Part of the recipe for a successful outcome is having buy-in from the broadest range of stakeholders possible from the outset.

We love ‘hard’ questions – ask us about security, compliance, data and branding, whatever is on your mind.


You’re busy and need to get up and running fast, and our Customer Success team is here to help you do just that!


It all starts with discussing and solidifying your goals, and understanding how your programs are structured.

Examples of some goals you might set are:

  • Change behaviour and educate recyclers
  • Reduce contamination and wishcycling
  • Delight your audience
  • Empower your audience to “self-serve” digital information
  • Reduce call volumes and missed collections

Branded Materials

We gather your data, your brand assets (logo, artwork, etc), and all other setup specifications. Don’t have artwork? No problem, we’ll design it for you.

Build and Test

Once we have your deliverables, we build and test your apps promptly. Then it’s your turn to review and approve them.


Our training program takes a simple but powerful hands-on approach, which includes short videos you or your team easily can reference at any time.


To implement your tools you simply insert a couple lines of code to embed the web app on your website. We release your mobile app in the stores, Voila, you’re live!


Once the technology is set up, it’s time to announce and promote your tools.

We help each and every city, county and hauler with their promotion efforts. It all starts with a customized Communications Plan tailored to your programs – complete with an extensive set of ready-made templates to help you rapidly promote your tools.

We then provide you with a wide range of tactics based on your goals and needs – from Facebook and bus shelter ads, to press releases and bin stickers.

Optimally embedding the web app on your website is key to people finding it. If you’ve followed our best practices video, you’re off to the races.

In case you missed something, we’ll check and let you know during a check-in call. Check-in calls are our chance to analyze your metrics, teach you how to do the same, and give you further advice on keys to success.


Once people are using the tool, you’re learning. You’re learning what they know and what they don’t know. What they like and what they don’t like. They talk, and you are collecting highly usable data.

While your adoption growth is on pace, and we are analyzing metrics to prove goal achievement, we shift our discussion to education topics.

The Waste Wizard tells you what materials people are searching for knowledge on. The Waste Sorting Game teaches you what they’re confused about – what they might be getting wrong.

At this stage, you can eliminate surveys. While you will still rely on contamination to tell some of the story, you also now have real, concrete data. This data informs both what topics to educate on and where to do so. You might use this newfound data to better understand where to host your next event, and what drop-off facility could benefit from better signage, for example.


In your network, how many people can you reach out to and ask important questions like “what lessons and pitfalls have you encountered by implementing an Organics Program?” Or advice about switching to an every other week collection schedule, promoting in your local schools or introducing a Participation Study to collect even more data?

Our customers are located throughout North America and overseas – and represent a diverse range of programs which each have unique guidelines, so there isn’t much we haven’t seen and successfully worked with.

ReCollect has over 40+ years of combined experience in solid waste and recycling. Your experienced, industry-leading Customer Success Manager has encountered all types of program changes and can help you quickly gain valuable insight and mentorship, drawing from many other cities or haulers like yourself.

We want to be invited to the table to offer our humble advice.

Want to Get Started?

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