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Teach Students To Recycle Right

Empower students to become effective recyclers with the world’s most trusted digital recycling communication tools for higher education.

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Amplify Your Waste and Recycling Programs.

Our digital recycling education and outreach tools make it easier for you to connect and engage with your audience. Save time and resources, and foster better recyclers.

Our tools help:

  • Reduce Wishcycling & Contamination
  • Reach Diversion Goals

Our tools are:

  • Purpose-built to educate & improve recycling habits
  • Branded to your organization
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Turn-key with easy integration into your current website

    Easy procurement with Sourcewell and Canoe:


Top Campus Digital Tools

Waste Wizard

The industry’s most trusted digital recycling search engine.

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Events Calendar


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Waste Sorting Game
A fun, easy and resource-friendly recycling education tool.

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“All of ReCollect’s tools are so easy (to use) and are innovative. They really help me save time and help focus on strategy and planning.”

Keri Greenwalt,
Digital Communications
Austin Resource Recovery

Top Campus Digital Tools

Waste Wizard

From aluminum cans to construction debris, our Waste Wizard helps your customers learn what goes in what bin.

As people begin to type their material into the search box, the Waste Wizard “predicts” their search entry – offering helpful suggestions and synonyms to help them narrow down their search intent.


  • End the question of ‘what goes where’
  • Save time and money on recycling education strategy
  • Set a high standard for on-campus sustainability
  • Enable students and staff to ‘self-serve’ inquiries

Events Calendar

Keep the campus population engaged in your program and let people know about sustainability functions through our Events Calendar.

The Events Calendar also doubles as an educational message system, allowing you to create campaigns about recycling contamination, program changes, or other need-to-know information about campus waste diversion.

  • Reduce contamination and promote campus sustainability
  • Keep students and staff informed about upcoming events
  • Foster a generation of better recyclers
  • Save time and costs by teaching your audience how to recycle properly

Waste Sorting Game

With playful visuals and charming sounds, ReCollect’s interactive Waste Sorting Game is a great addition to your outreach programs.

Educate students and staff on proper recycling in a fun and engaging way!

  • Reduce contamination and promote campus sustainability
  • Save time and costs by teaching your audience how to recycle properly
  • Teach people proactively and in a fun, interactive way
  • Stay modern with a polished digital game experience

Fostering Better Recycling Habits for Over 400 Customers Worldwide

Don’t Duplicate the Bidding Process

With Sourcewell it’s like you already went through RFP! ReCollect is a Sourcewell Awarded vendor.

How Are We Different?

We’re Custom Branded To You

Our custom branding technology means it’s your brand and style in the forefront – and not ReCollect – that people see.

Industry-Leading Expertise and Support

Lean on our 40 years of solid waste industry, sustainability and tech experience.

100% Secure and Compliant

Certified through annual security audits by a third-party auditor: Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)

Full Accessibility Compliance

We regularly review our WCAG 2.1 AA & Section 508 compliance.

Easy To Use For Everyone

Our easy-to-use digital tools are accessible from tablets and smartphones.

Helping You Foster
Proper Recycling Habits

People want to recycle right. Engage, inform and delight your audience with our suite of recycling education and outreach products. All custom-branded you, to help you deliver maximum impact.


We’ve sent over 420 million recycling notifications that help change people’s recycling behavior.

Our recycling tools are used in more than 7 million households, and that number is growing fast.

Over 3 million people actively use our tools to remind them when to get their bins out.

A lot of cities, waste haulers and business organizations rely on our tools to foster better recyclers.

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