case-study-clarkcounty-mainCase Study CITY OF VANCOUVER, CLARK COUNTY, & WASTE CONNECTIONS

Three Washington State partners collaborated to bring their collection schedules online with ReCollect – making life easier for them and their customers, and saving money.

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The partners wanted to collaborate across the region to demystify their complicated schedules, educate & engage residents, and save money.

case-study-image-white-calendarProvide an easy and convenient way for customers to find out their schedules.
case-study-image-white-mediaCoordinate educational messages to save money and improve waste management.
“We were hoping for more efficiency and a user-friendly interface, so that customers could easily get information about their collection day without having to call the hauler… anytime we could get that information to a website where customers have another way of getting their questions answered, it helps everybody.” says Tanya Gray, Solid Waste Analyst with the City of Vancouver.

The solution

case-study-image-calendarSame Schedules on All Websites

Once ReCollect was up and running, the Partners made sure the ReCollect widget was available on each Partners’ website, so that no matter where customers went for information, they were able to get near real-time information about their schedules without the hassle of being diverted to a third party website.

case-study-image-rocketshipReady-Made Solution

“We wanted something much more specialized (than what our GIS team proposed).” When they found ReCollect, “That was exactly what we wanted,” says Tanya Gray. “The tool is simple and elegant, you put in your address and it says “here’s your recycling day” and that’s all we wanted – we didn’t want people to have to click four or five times to get to the right area.”


“Setting ReCollect up was straightforward,” remembers Rich McConaghy, Environmental Resources Division Manager, City of Vancouver. “ReCollect worked with the hauler and got all their data, and then worked behind the scenes to make sure that the data (was correct). The hauler tested it, our partners tested it…it seemed to go very smoothly.”

case-study-image-checkmarkConsidering ReCollect?

According to Nina Kolafa of Waste Connections, “I’ve been asked by other districts, other waste collection companies, what our experience has been and I like that we can just put (the widget) right on our website, and it’s available immediately to the customer – it’s just so simple and easy.”

The verdict

case-study-image-smileyEasy for All Stakeholders

Says Anita Largent, Clark County Sustainability and Outreach Manager, “It went really smoothly. We had some decision points to make along the way, but (the ReCollect team)…seemed to be able to work through the problems, especially with the databases and the uploads and all of that. So I guess my words to anyone who’s thinking about participating or signing up for the system are: I think it worked great!”

case-study-image-love2Convenient for Customers

“Working internally we felt like it would take a long time (to build the tool we wanted) and we felt like (with ReCollect) that whatever you needed: instantly, it was there. Whatever you needed was right there after you put in your address, rather than having to drill down through a GIS database.” says Tanya Gray.

case-study-image-superheroA Responsive ReCollect Team

Says Rich McConaghy, “The ReCollect team is really oriented towards the customer – how to make things easy and oriented to the customer – and you can’t go wrong with that approach. And they’re really good about understanding data.”

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