case-study-halton-mainCase Study HALTON REGION delights residents with timely communications

Halton Region launched ReCollect, a cost effective service that includes targeted communications to residents about solid waste and recycling.

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In 2012, Halton Region wanted to experiment with digital tools and instantly connect with residents.

case-study-image-white-mediaReduce costs and waste by transitioning to a less paper-reliant approach.
case-study-image-white-knowledgeFind ways to talk directly to residents and engage them more frequently.
“Constant communication is vital to the success of any program. A once-a-year calendar, while helpful, can’t be the only thing you do.” says John Watson, Waste Diversion Education Coordinator in Halton Region.

The solution

case-study-image-calendarWeekly Engagement

Halton Region uses ReCollect’s campaign feature – the ability to customize the emails, phone calls, tweets and mobile reminders – to educate residents on timely issues, like how to pack their blue bin on windy days.“Using the ReCollect tool, when we know it is going to be windy, we can do a targeted campaign about that issue.” says John Watson. They send the right information, to the right people, at the right time.

case-study-image-signalService Alerts

When a bad summer storm hit, Halton Region used ReCollect to get the message out about emergency collections. “It was easy to let people know what was happening. It was very cost effective and very quick,” says John.

case-study-image-statsMeasurable Results

Halton Region also uses ReCollect to drive more traffic to their other social media campaigns. When, for just two weeks, they linked a ReCollect campaign to a blog post entitled “Why we can now recycle rigid plastic packaging in Halton”, web traffic to the post increased by over 400%.

case-study-image-checkmarkConsidering ReCollect?

John’s advice for teams considering ReCollect? “Do it. It’s straightforward and residents really like it, especially the reminder feature. And ReCollect’s level of customer service is excellent.”

The verdict

case-study-image-walletCost Effective

“It’s very affordable, especially when you consider how many campaigns we run. One ad in four or five newspapers can be a couple of thousand dollars, so – for the same cost, we get far more impact with ReCollect” says John.

case-study-image-smileyUser Friendly

“When info hasn’t been correct on certain days, it’s been so easy to fix – it doesn’t take ten people to make phone calls and try to negotiate, we just fix it in a minute and keep going. I like that flexibility” says John.

case-study-image-love2Management Loves It

“Management sees it from a high level: a cost effective, customer service tool that residents are using and want to use – and I see that for the user, it’s an easy tool to use, and that we’re able to provide great customer service through it” says John.

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