case-study-kingston-mainCase Study CITY OF KINGSTON helps residents navigate schedule changes

In January 2013, Kingston launched ReCollect, a cost effective alternative to in-house calendar and reminder tools for residents

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Kingston was counting down to a major routing and collection change where both garbage and recycling days would be changing for most residents. They wanted:

case-study-image-white-promiseHassle-free reminders residents understand… and use.
case-study-image-white-walletAn affordable alternative to aging and costly in-house solution.
“Overall, ReCollect was a very helpful tool to have as we negotiated through a really difficult time.” says Derek Ochej, Public Education and Promotion Coordinator at Kingston’s Public Works services.

The solution

case-study-image-love2Delight Residents with Reminders & Apps

“The features that ReCollect provides have been thoroughly enjoyed by our citizens, the reminder feature being the big one – we’ve had a lot of positive comments about it,” says Jason Reynolds, Senior Web Developer for the City of Kingston. The post-secondary population in Kingston also really enjoy they smartphone apps.

case-study-image-overlappingDisplay Overlapping Schedules

ReCollect can hold both the current and new schedules at one time. “Residents liked that they could see not just what their current schedules were, but also what they would be after the change.” says Derek. “We didn’t have to worry about flipping a switch going from the old information to the new: ReCollect was able to incorporate both systems simultaneously.”

case-study-image-superheroPersonalized Support & Innovation

They knew residents were used to a certain functionality, but their new website was missing this piece. The ReCollect team quickly worked out the right code. “It was not simple to do,” remembers Jason. “In fact, the company building our website had spent a week on this problem and they couldn’t figure out how to do it…and the ReCollect team saved us a lot of time by giving us the magic solution.

The verdict


Derek says, “I definitely would recommend the use of the system to any municipality – it’s affordable, as it depends on your size – having someone build you this from scratch would cost infinitely more.” According to Jason, “We simply couldn’t have provided our citizens with this level of service without significantly more cost to tax payers!”

case-study-image-smileyReminders Residents Actually Use

“Feedback has been really positive,” says Derek. “People like the reminder system…and in fact, we get a lot of positive feedback regarding the system and the smartphone app from our post-secondary student population here.”

case-study-image-supportEasy to Launch & Great Support

Friendly staff and smart customization makes changes easy. “Staff at ReCollect are easy to work with and very, very responsive,” says Derek. Jason adds, “If we had built this tool ourselves we would have had to maintain and evolve it. Having a company like ReCollect be able to do this for us saves us time and money. We get the benefit of their expertise and experience at an affordable price.

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