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meets the needs of residents and council

The powerful analytics of ReCollect enabled the City of Olathe to gauge the effectiveness of its marketing tactics while increasing customer service.

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In fall 2013, the City of Olathe aimed to:

case-study-image-white-megaphoneEffectively promote ReCollect’s app to residents.

case-study-image-white-knowledgeDetermine which promotional tactics worked best when reaching residents.

“This was very beneficial as we promoted ReCollect – it enabled us to be very intentional with our marketing efforts and to see the resulting impact that each communication tool had on the analytics“, says Jamie Shockley, Strategic Communications Analyst for the City of Olathe.

The solution

case-study-image-socialthe-solutionLet’s be Social

The team used a number of social media platforms to engage and educate residents. “The first thing we did to promote ReCollect was on Facebook and a YouTube video about the app.” In addition, the City received an ad credit on Twitter, so they decided to use it for the ReCollect app, just to see what would happen. “So without spending any money, we were able to increase our Twitter followers as well.”

trash-daycase-study-image-engagementResident Engagement

“Encouraged by their online success, Jamie’s team then experimented with more traditional, offline tactics, starting with a sticky note campaign. “We made sticky notes, and for one week stuck them on every single trash cart in Olathe”, says Jamie. During the week the sticky notes were distributed, the number of address searches increased dramatically, as did the number of mobile downloads.

case-study-image-mediastart-the-pressesStart the Presses

The City of Olathe produces an expensive newsletter, which always rates highly with residents as a key communication tactic. “We’ve never really been able to measure the effectiveness of the content we put in that newsletter to see if anyone’s taking action on it,” states Jamie. “But with ReCollect we were able to see the huge spike in app downloads and addresses searched right when we promoted ReCollect in the newsletter. Almost 480 addresses were searched in one hour“, remembers Jamie.

The Verdict

case-study-image-appAnalytics are Powerful

ReCollect’s analytics tools helped Jamie’s team better understand the value of the communication tools they were using to talk to residents, and it helped the city see the value of them too. “Using ReCollect’s analytics is the first thing we’ve ever had that can really demonstrate the value of the print newsletter expense”, explains Jamie.

case-study-image-statsResults Speak for Themselves

“Right now, we’re at 11,487 addresses searched, reminders are at 5,566 and mobile app installations were at 5,358. So almost one in three of our addresses in Olathe have been searched, one in six reminders set up, and one in seven of our customers have downloaded the mobile app. Considering we started promoting this at the end of November 2013, we’re really, really happy with the results we’ve had so far, and we hope it continues to climb,” states Jamie.

case-study-image-smileyCouncil Loves It

The numbers gave Jamie such a clear success story that — just three months after the app first launched — her report landed her in front of a delighted City Council.

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