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Often with fewer staff and tighter budgets, smaller municipalities struggle to implement communication programs in a quickly changing technological landscape.

Small municipalities — less than 10,000 households — often wonder if they have the resources necessary to implement ReCollect, or if their residents will be receptive to using online tools. Hear from smaller municipalities that have implemented ReCollect to efficiently reach residents and foster participation in waste diversion programs.

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Decreased resident inquiries

Decreased resident inquiriesBeaumont has experienced a drastic decrease in the number of general resident calls (such as collection day inquiries) and less complaint calls regarding the complexity of the schedule.

“I answer the majority of the waste-related calls, so this app has been incredible for me. I initially thought it would increase my time spent managing the solid waste program, but it has actually made everything much easier and streamlined responses to common resident inquiries,” said Sadie Miller, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator for the Town of Beaumont.

Eliminated paper calendars

CalendarSince implementing ReCollect, Rockaway has discontinued its mailed print calendar.

“Our staff encourage residents to sign up for reminders. There are rare instances where a  resident wants a guide mailed to them. Staff then print off  the guide from ReCollect and mail it. We’ve only mailed about 50 calendars this year,” stated Al Knoth, Supervisor of Garage Services and Recycling Coordinator for Rockaway Township. “That’s one of the reasons why we wanted to implement a web and mobile app. It’s just so much easier for residents, and you can more easily update  information throughout the year.”

Saving staff time

StaffFor North Battleford, ReCollect has also taken quite a bit of pressure off of staff.

“In fact, it’s as good as having another staff person!” shared Tammy MacCormack, Environmental Manager for the City of North Battleford. “With ReCollect’s campaign feature, we’ve been able to remind more residents about household hazardous waste events. In the fall we’re starting a leaf collection program and are easily able to provide information to residents.”

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