case-study-victoria-mainCase Study CITY OF VICTORIA surpasses goals for waste reduction

ReCollect on the City of Victoria website improved the resident web experience and communicated important schedule changes to increase diversion rates. 

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In December 2012, the City of Victoria had two goals:

case-study-image-white-truckLaunch a new garbage pick-up service to radically reduce the Region’s landfill use.
case-study-image-white-emailWith the launch of a sleek new website, offer a better way for residents to access their garbage schedules online.
“We had an opportunity to change the way we remind people it was garbage day,” says Heather Follis, Communications Coordinator and online specialist at the City of Victoria.

The solution

case-study-image-emailWeb-Based Solution

The team researched online solutions but, Heather says “other services were app based, and we know based on our web analytics that a high number of people who come to our website come there for garbage schedules – so we weren’t convinced an app alone was going to do what we needed it to do. We wanted that actual functionality on our website“.

case-study-image-calendarOnline Calendars

“Traditionally for garbage pickup you still had to figure out which zone you were in, and then open a PDF schedule,” Heather adds. “We were keen to remove some steps and make it easy to just type in your address and find out when the next collection was.”

case-study-image-remindervictoria-3Weekly Reminders

Further benefits to using ReCollect quickly became clear. “Our main communication with residents used to be a once-a-year mail-out, with updates in our quarterly newsletter, social media and website,” explains Melinda Jolley, Communications Coordinator at the City of Victoria. Using ReCollect, the team was able to start connecting with residents on a weekly basis instead through personalized reminders.

victoria-4Smartphone Apps Included

“The app is included, which was a huge bonus to us,” says Heather.

By the number

Reduce waste going to landfillGoal: 30%Achieved: 37%
Regular communications with residentsGoal: 10% after 1 yearAchieved: 19%
Households using the service in first yearMobile App: 5%Web Widget: 42%

The verdict

case-study-image-stopwatchQuick & Easy to Launch

Within a few weeks of contacting ReCollect, the team at the City of Victoria was ready to launch their new solution. “It was a very simple conversation,” says Heather. “We connected ReCollect with our GIS – and once we were ready, it took 10 minutes to launch.”

case-study-image-truckImproves Communications about Waste Management

“We’ve been really happy with the service, it’s been a user friendly process for us and the residents have been delighted to choose the way that they’re communicated with. We definitely recommend it for municipalities looking at ways to improve communications about their garbage program.” says Melinda.

case-study-image-smileyDelights Residents with Great Customer Service

“Working with ReCollect was a positive experience – it was so simple to launch, and such an easy process for such a positive result in terms of improved customer service” says Heather.

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