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Our Customers Do Great Things

Our customers do some truly amazing things and are at the heart of what we do.

Learn more about their successes – and how we have partnered with them to combat contamination, increase diversion and educate a new generation of world-class recyclers.

Our Customer Success Stories

City of Jacksonville, Florida Customer Story

City of Jacksonville, Florida

“The relationship between Sourcewell and ReCollect allowed us to select a tried, true, and tested solution right away, rather than spend a lot of time on the procurement process.”

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada Customer Story

Abbotsford, BC Automates Successful Single-Stream Collections

Fully automated curbside collection services for garbage, recycling, and organics for more than 26,000 households.

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada Customer Story

Lethbridge, Alberta Rolls Out Curbside Organics Collection

The city also uses their app to notify people about street sweepings, outages for electricity and water, and other service alerts.

Nashville, TN Customer Story

Nashville, TN Meets Recycling Communication & Contamination Goals in Two Languages

Within months, a 46% contamination rate was reduced to 28.6%, costs were saved, and 110,000 households were reached.

Customer Story Brooklyn Park, MN

City of Brooklyn Park Reaches A Growing Diverse Population

With the help of our tools, the City of Brooklyn Park, MN provides educational and communication materials in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Hmong to 45,000 households.

From Roll-Offs to Curbside Pickup, American Refuse (Re)Collects

Wanting to run an effective and successful waste disposal program, American Refuse partnered with ReCollect.

Customer Story Cambridge, MA

The City of Cambridge, MA Reaches 120,000 People, Including Harvard U

With a well-rounded suite of products, the city of Cambridge runs an exemplary recycling program for 120,000 people, and digitizes 5,000 mattress collections per year – leaving them well prepared for the new MassDep regulations.

Customer Story Texas Waco, TX

City of Waco, TX Reroutes & Reduces with ReCollect

With the help of our tools, the City of Waco, TX navigated a reroute, avoided a water boil emergency, reduced contamination rate, navigated a city-wide freeze, and reduced calls by 20%.

Customer Story Texas Sunnyvale, CA

Sunnyvale, CA Provides Curbside Collection for 150,000 Residents

With the help of ReCollect, the City of Sunnyvale, CA continues to meet the requirements of SB 1383, eliminated 100 Special Collection weekly customer service requests, and marches towards their Zero Waste goal.

Customer Story Texas University of Michigan

The University of Michigan Gets 60,000 Students, Faculty, and Staff on the Same Page

With the help of the waste wizard, the U of M is helping students, faculty, and staff learn what goes where with the help of educational campaigns, QR codes, and of course, a searchable database of over 300 items.

Customer Story Texas Disposal Systems

Texas Disposal Systems increases the neighborhoods, municipal utility districts (MUDs), and cities they service

With the help of the waste wizard, collection calendar, sorting game, and mobile app, TDS has hit the ground running with an improved consumer experience and expanded customer base.

Customer Story East Hants, NS

East Hants, NS exceeds recycling communications goals while significantly reducing call volumes

In this case study, we explore East Hants’ success with their digital tools and how they were able to significantly reduce call volumes, meet their recycling program’s goals and keep their audience highly engaged.

Customer Story RRRASOC

RRRASOC pairs digital tools with their recycling education programs to reduce call volumes and contamination

With the help of their digital recycling communication tools, RRRASOC has saved an estimated 200 calls per day. Their digital tools combined with their existing recycling education programs helped them reduce contamination.

Customer Story Denver

City of Denver Increases Resident Reach and Engagement With ReCollect Digital Tools

In this case study, Tay Dunklee, Program Administrator for City of Denver Solid Waste, explains how she uses digital tools from ReCollect to empower Denver’s 181,000 households to recycle better.

Customer Story Cary, NC

Cary, NC – Reaches Contamination Goal With Cary Collects App

In this case study, we review how Cary, NC was able to meet their goal of reduced contamination with the Cary Collects app and saved over $15,000 in design, print and postage costs with digital tools.

Customer Story Eureka Recycling

Eureka Recycling Leverages ReCollect’s Tools to Differentiate and Meet Recycling Communication Goals

Learn how digital tools helped Eureka Recycling differentiate in a competitive market while improving communication and accessibility of recycling information and education.

Customer Story Scottsbluff, NE

City of Scottsbluff, NE, achieves recycling communication goals and tackles illegal dumping with digital recycling tools

Learn how Scottsbluff, NE was able to reduce call volumes significantly, provide a better, easier experience to residents with city services while keeping track of curbside collections.

Customer Story Clark County

Clark County, WA Switches To Multi-Community Resident Communications For Trash Collection Scheduling

Wanting to reduce call volumes and increase resident engagement, Clark County moves to multi-community digital apps to communicate collection schedules online.

Customer Story City of Olathe

City of Olathe Increases Resident Engagement, Lowers Costs By Partnering With ReCollect

In this case study, Jamie Shockley, Strategic Communications Analyst at the City of Olathe, explains the benefits and successes of their partnership with ReCollect.

Customer Story Austin, TX

City of Austin, TX: Reaching Goals By Educating and Engaging Residents

In this case study, we review how the City of Austin is using recycling education and outreach tools to help it reach the goal of reducing the amount of waste it sends to area landfills by 90% by 2040.

Customer Story Buckeye, AZ

City of Buckeye, AZ: Delivering Recycling Education In a Challenging Demographic

In this case study, we review how the City of Buckeye, AZ significantly lowered inbound calls while teaching residents and seasonal visitors how to recycle right using digital tools to bridge the communications gap.

Customer Story City of Saskatoon

City of Saskatoon Lowers Call Volume While Fostering Better Recyclers With ReCollect

In this case study, Mike Dawe, Environmental Coordinator for the City of Saskatoon’s Solid Waste Programs, explains how he relies on digital tools for solid waste provided by ReCollect to reduce phone calls from residents.

Customer Story Momentum Recycling

Momentum Recycling: Leveraging ReCollect’s Tools To Pursue Zero Waste

In this case study, we review how Momentum Recycling has utilized ReCollect’s tools to step up its commitment to an improved user experience, while reducing call volumes and creating greater operation efficiency.

Customer Story Greensboro, NC

City of Greensboro, NC: Helping Residents Recycle More and Wishcycle Less

In this case study, we review how the City of Greensboro, NC has stepped up its recycling education efforts and called on ReCollect’s digital tools to help better educate and outreach to residents.

Customer Story Halton Region

Halton Region Switches From Paper-Heavy Communications to On-Demand Digital Tools

Wanting to provide residents a faster, on-demand channel to access waste and recycling information, the Halton Region partnered with ReCollect.

Rogue Disposal Improves Customer Engagement and Education By Partnering With ReCollect

In this case study, Jamie Shockley, Strategic Communications Analyst at the City of Olathe, explains the benefits and successes of their partnership with ReCollect.

City of Kingston Improves Resident Satisfaction and Recycling Behaviour With Digital Tools

Fighting the clock on a major routing and collection change where both recycling and trash collection days were changing, the City of Kingston went digital with ReCollect for primary communications with residents.

City of Victoria Exceeds Target Diversion of 30% With Great Communication and Digital Tools

The City saw an opportunity to offer a better way for residents to access their garbage schedules online as part of their commitment to improving resident communications.

Delighted Customers

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