Help Embedding the Web App

Embedding the ReCollect web app on your organization’s website or CMS is a straight forward process. Simply place the small HTML snippet we provided you where you want the web app to appear and save the page.

Although uncommon, occasionally people encounter some easily solvable problems embedding the web app. In these cases, we’re here to help! The ReCollect web app has been embedded on hundreds of municipal, regional and county websites, and we have never encountered an incompatible website. Please read through the following solutions, and if you’re still need help, we’d love to assist you.

Possible Problems and Solutions

I’m having trouble embedding the web app on my WordPress site

If your website uses WordPress, we strongly encourage to try using our WordPress plugin instead of pasting the HTML snippet. You can find more information here.

The raw HTML snippet shows up instead of the app

If the HTML snippet is showing up instead of the web app, then you might be using a “rich text” editor that doesn’t allow for adding HTML code. Does your web editor have a “Text” or “HTML” mode or tab? If it does, we recommend you try pasting the snippet there instead of the rich text editor.

The web app or HTML snippet disappears

Some CMS products prevent you from adding JavaScript script tags by default. If this is the case, you may need to talk to your web administrator or IT about allowing script tags to be added.

The web app seems to have some style issues

If the web app doesn’t look like the example we sent you, then there could be a style conflict. These are very easy for us to resolve. Please make sure the web app is on a page that can be accessed from outside your network (it can be a temporary page that won’t be able to find). Then send a description of the problem and the URL of the webpage to We can quickly fix these types of problems.

Still having problems?

If you are still having difficulty embedding the web app, please email us at Please include a description of the problem, and if possible, place the web app on a externally accessible page and send us the URL. We’re happy to help.