Waste and Recycling Collection Calendar

Comprehensive communication tools for solid waste – online calendars, pdf calendars, weekly reminders, service alerts. Easy to use for everyone.


Everything Residents Need

With ReCollect, residents can easily find all the information about their solid waste service in one simple place. Let them determine their collection schedules and set up helpful reminders in seconds. Residents love ReCollect’s user friendly design and ease of use.

Designed for Everyone

While ReCollect looks great on mobile phones and desktop computers, it is designed for everyone in the household! Our phone call reminders help those without computers, and our service works in Spanish, French, Chinese or any number of languages to make it easy to use for everyone in your community.

Launch in Days at Low Cost

ReCollect is quick and simple to launch. With only a few hours of help from your IT department, you can be up and running in days. ReCollect is also highly affordable no matter your size. We serve cities of less than 10,000 people to those of over a million.

Getting your website right is the most important thing you can do. ReCollect helps you get it right.

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Affordable for All

Used by towns of fewer than 10,000 residents to cities of over a million – ReCollect Web Calendars are affordable for all sizes of cities, towns, counties and organizations.

Service Alerts

Reach users in an instant with service alerts. Keep them informed of weather disruptions, delays or other issues related to their address.

Residents Love ReCollect

Whether it be looking up their schedule in Chinese, sending feedback to the city online, or getting phone call reminders the night before collection, residents love how ReCollect makes their lives easier. 

I like ReCollect so much I input my teenage son’s cell number. A text reminder is much better than me nagging. I don’t think he’s appreciated the gesture quite as much as my neighbours who thought that was brilliant.

Coquitlam Resident

I used to forget garbage day even when I was checking the calendar the city sends. But with ReCollect reminders, I haven’t forgotten one yet.

Happy Resident

Love your service!! Now my wife can tell me when to take out the garbage… she forwards the email! THANKS!

Thunder Bay Resident

I must give you so much credit for the reminders you are sending plus the messages attached. They are important information in saving the environment. I think the City is in the right direction and I am very proud to be part of the recycling program.

Vancouver Resident


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