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The Right Tools For The Right Jobs

Reduce contamination, lower call volumes and empower people to be great recyclers with our best-in-class custom-branded digital waste and recycling communication tools. Easy to use for everyone.

Our Digital Waste and Recycling Communication Tools

Waste Wizard

Having problems helping people put the right stuff in the right bin? Is contamination a growing challenge? Our Waste Wizard is a digital tool that offers an easy way for people to search for how to dispose of anything, including where to drop it off, or if it cannot go into a recycling container or trash.

The tool is available for your website and as mobile app, making searches fast and easy.

It’s built using your data, so the materials list and instructions are tailored specifically to your program. 

Want to change or update materials? It’s a breeze. Easily manage your materials list, images, and instructions from your secure login in real time.

Learn more about the Waste Wizard

Need multi-community support? See our Multi-Community Waste Wizard

Collection Calendar

Inbound calls are costly and time consuming for your team. Our Collection Calendar solves this problem for you. With our digital tool, you can provide updated curbside collection schedules digitally, instead of through print materials only. When people use the tool, their collection schedule is specific to their unique address.

The tool is available for your website and as a mobile app, making searches fast and easy.

Reminders help people to stay on track and never miss another collection day. They can also print calendars, see the latest program campaigns, and even receive service alerts and reminders by email, twitter , keeping them well informed and delighted with your service.

Lower call volumes, cut unnecessary printing costs and delight people with the waste industry’s most widely used collection day reminder tool.

Learn more about the Collection Calendar.

Mobile App

The times have changed. The future of waste and recycling communication is digital. Our mobile apps help you lower contamination, reduce call volumes and champion a new era of great recyclers.

With our mobile app, you can provide your audience with a range of tools such as our Collection Calendar and Waste Wizard. Not sure what you need? We will match the right tools for your needs.

Focus on your programs; let our Mobile App and digital communication tools handle the conversations.

Learn more about our Mobile App.

Waste Sorting Game

Reducing contamination and teaching proper recycling habits happens through focused education and communication. Help people learn how to recycle better by teaching them in a fun and proactive way!

Because our tool is digital, it lowers operational costs, such as having staff to attend events in-person or the need for physical materials.

What’s more, aggregated metrics show you where people struggle the most with recycling. This “virtual waste audit” helps you tailor your campaigns more effectively, hitting the program areas faster and more efficiently.

Learn more about our Waste Sorting Game.

Special Collection

Managing difficult to dispose of items such as hazardous waste or appliances is a real challenge for waste professionals. Without proper access to a special service for bulky or hazardous item pickup, people may resort to illegal dumping

Our Special Collection tool solves this challenge.
Appointments can be canceled up to a preset cut-off time and reminders are sent out so appointments are never missed or scheduled accidentally without any reminders.

Dispatch has a complete report of all current-day or upcoming collections, so routes can be prioritized accordingly and everything is tracked.

People are delighted when they are able to self service their special collection needs and don’t need to call for pick-up requests.

Learn more about Special Collection

Best-In-Class Digital Tools

All of our digital tools are:

  • Custom branded to your organization
  • Tailored specifically to your needs
  • 100% compliant
  • 100% accessible
  • Built to exceed web security requirements

Brand Strength

What Do Our Customers Say?

"We’ve never really been able to measure the effectiveness of the content to see if anyone’s taking action on it. But with ReCollect we were able to see the huge spike in downloads of the app and addresses searched right when we promoted this in the link which shows it works."

Jamie Shockley, Strategic Communications Analyst, City of Olathe

"Working internally we felt like it would take a long time (to build the tool we wanted) and we felt like (with ReCollect) that whatever you needed: instantly, it was there.

Whatever you needed was right there after you put in your address, rather than having to drill down through a GIS database."

Tanya Gray, City of Vancouver, WA

“We’ve been really happy with the service, it’s been a user friendly process for us and the residents have been delighted to choose the way that they’re communicated with. We definitely recommend it for municipalities looking at ways to improve communications and their waste program.”

Melinda Jolley, Communications Coordinator, City of Victoria.

Delighted Customers

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