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Education & Outreach Tools

Education & Outreach Tools


Waste Hauler


#1 Digital Communication Tool For the Waste Industry.

Our tools make it easier for you and your team to connect and engage with people, saving you time and resources.

Who we help:

  • Government: Municipalities, Counties and Regional Bodies
  • Haulers: Enterprise, residential and commercial haulers
  • Campus: Primary, Secondary & higher education institutions
    Digital Tools

    Who Do We Help?

    Waste and Recycling Products
    Waste and Recycling Products
    Waste and Recycling Products

    For Government

    Municipalities use our tools to educate people on how to recycle right, self-serve timely and important information, and easily adapt to collection schedule changes.

    For Waste Haulers

    Haulers use our tools to help people self-serve timely and important information about their waste program while making it easy for people to adapt to collection schedule changes, and recycle right.

    For Campus

    Universities, colleges, schools and school districts use our tools to empower students and staff to be better recyclers while reinforcing a culture of sustainability.

    How Do We Do It?

    Our Collection Calendar helps people easily understand collection schedule changes, our Waste Wizard quickly helps them learn ‘what goes where’, and our Waste Sorting Game educates them on your area’s waste streams. Want to communicate collection changes and educate your audience on how to recycle, right in their home? Let individuals self-serve, stay connected, and access information in real time with the Mobile App.

    The Routeware Advantage

    Looking for Route Optimization? Workflow Automation? Fleet Management? Customer Self-Service?

    With Routeware, enterprises and municipalities get the purpose-built technology and 360° integration they need to deliver exceptional service while achieving environmental and financial targets. Learn more today.

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