Delight residents and improve operations with street sweeping, snow plow and parking notifications

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ReCollect takes Public Works operational data and transforms it into useful, actionable information for residents

  • Used by 100s of municipalities and companies
  • Handling communications for tens of millions of households
  • Regularly referred to by local governments as “their best IT contractor“

Enjoy the benefits of a complete digital solution

ReCollect Streets makes it easy to notify residents about streets sweeping events.

Residents easily get irate with parking tickets, courtesy tows, or an uncleaned street because the sweeper had to go around parked cars. ReCollect Streets helps avoid these challenges by sending residents notifications for when they should move their cars and alerting them to key events around street operations.

Notify residents about unplanned events like parking bans, snow plowing or ad hoc street sweeping events.

Send messages to predefined routes, neighborhoods or even a customized area! Let residents know in advance so they can prepare and ensure that services are delivered quickly and without interruption.

ReCollect Streets will leave with you fewer frustrated residents, more efficient and happier staff and a reputation for effective service delivery.

  • Easy to use

    Our smartphone apps are simple, intuitive and loved by residents and administrators alike. Users enter their address once to get sweeping schedules and other road related events. Users get notifications and service alerts.

  • Customized for your brand

    ReCollect is about making you, not us, look good. Apps are customized for your brand, including the name, artwork, logos, splash screen and services or information you want to inform residents about. Control and enhance your brand.

  • Report a problem

    Gather feedback from users with “Report a Problem.” Add and customize categories for problems, gather the address (via GPS or typed in), receive photos and comments.

  • Targeting messaging

    Let residents in specific neighborhoods, or on specific routes know that you'll be doing work in their neighborhood

  • Make changes on the fly

    Easily communicate to residents changes to the service. We make it easy to relay how changing weather or operational conditions will affect your service.

  • Road work and other activities

    Share updates on road work and other activities with residents across the city, or just nearby.

Create a modern face for your organization

  • Constant Automatic Updates

    ReCollect's services are constantly updated and require no work by you to upgrade. We consistently provide new features for free, based on feedback from our customers.

  • Affordable for All

    Used by towns of fewer than 10,000 residents to cities of over a million – ReCollect apps are affordable for all sizes of local governments and companies.

  • Integration

    ReCollect integrates with your internal systems to ensure it is always up to date with your latests schedules and routes.
    ReCollect also has tools for DPW staff to help them keep schedules accurate and up to date in case work needs to change because of weather or operational reasons.

  • Service Alerts

    Reach users in an instant with service alerts. Keep them informed about weather disruptions, delays or other issues specific to their address.

What our happy customers tell us

  • ‘‘

    Working with ReCollect was a positive experience. It was such an easy process, for such a positive result in terms of improved customer service. — City of Victoria Staff

  • ‘‘

    Using ReCollect’s analytics is the first thing we’ve ever had that can really demonstrate the value of that expense. And our council loved seeing that. — City of Olathe Staff

  • ‘‘

    Small municipalities are often afraid of complicated technology but this app is not confusing and appeals to a wide range of audiences. ...ReCollect results in lower communication costs and increased customer service. — Town of Beaumont Staff

Why residents love ReCollect

  • I like ReCollect so much I input my teenage son’s cell number. A text reminder is much better than me nagging. I don’t think he’s appreciated the gesture quite as much as my neighbours who thought that was brilliant.

    Coquitlam Resident
  • I used to forget garbage day even when I was checking the calendar the city sends. But with ReCollect reminders, I haven’t forgotten one yet.

    Happy Resident
  • Love your service!! Now my wife can tell me when to take out the garbage… she forwards the email! THANKS!

    Thunder Bay Resident
  • I must give you so much credit for the reminders you are sending plus the messages attached. They are important information in saving the environment. I think the City is in the right direction and I am very proud to be part of the recycling program.

    Vancouver Resident