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Give residents and customers the information they want and need with the powerful ReCollect waste communications platform.

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The waste industry’s most trusted communication platform

  • Used by hundreds of municipalities and private haulers
  • Handling communications for tens of millions of households
  • Customers regularly refer to ReCollect as “their best IT contractor”

Enjoy the benefits of a complete digital solution

  • Reduce call volumes

    ReCollect help clients reduce call volumes and improve the efficiency of their call centres. Please contact us, we’d love to share some of these stories with you.

  • Lower contamination

    ReCollect’s tools help educate customers and residents, reducing contamination, helping the planet and saving you money.

  • Comply with accessibility legislation

    National and regional accessibility requirements for online tools continue to get stricter. Many organization’s online tools need updating to comply with regulations and may face the risk of lawsuits or fines if they fail to. ReCollect ensures your online tools always comply with the latest standards.

  • Exceed web security requirements

    Your data and your users' data is important and must be kept secure. ReCollect is regularly audited by security experts and maintains best practices to ensure privacy and safety.

  • Launch within weeks

    ReCollect’s team is composed of leaders in solid waste communications, technology and policy - as a result we can get you launched quickly and with lots of support, templates and best practices to ensure your program is a success!

Collection Calendar

Residents can find their waste collection schedule simply by typing their address.

There’s no looking on cumbersome maps, there’s no entering information into multiple fields.

It’s quick and easy, which your residents will love.

Waste Wizard

From aluminum cans to ziplock bags, ReCollect’s Waste Wizard helps your residents figure out what goes in what bin.

As the resident begins to type their material, the Waste Wizard will “predict” the entry, offering residents helpful suggestions.

Waste Sorting Game

Are you looking for a fresh way to educate your residents and customers about proper waste sorting? Would you like to know which items confuse and confound people?

With playful visuals and charming sounds, ReCollect‘s new, interactive Waste Sorting Game is a great addition to your outreach programs.

Players sort materials into various waste streams. As a reward for successfully completing each level, the player gets to build a digital park.

Special Collection Service

It'€™s easy for residents to schedule a collection for items like sofas, fridges, tree trunks, brush, mattresses, electronics and household hazardous waste.

Residents and customers can select the items they’d like collected, plus select the date of their collection.

The resident receives an email confirmation of their collection along with any set-out requirements, and the pick up date is added to their ReCollect collection calendar.

The Special Collection Service product can be used on its own, or integrated with ReCollect'€™s Collection Calendar web app and mobile app.

Mobile Waste & Recycling Apps

ReCollect mobile apps give you a new way to reach and delight your residents.

We make the best mobile app because ReCollect is the only native app for waste management — meaning it has the responsiveness and sleek experience your residents expect.

Your mobile app can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store and Android Play Store.

  • Get reminders

    Residents can subscribe to weekly email, phone, Twitter or text message reminders, plus they get to pick the date and time of the reminder! Reminders shift to account for holidays, and remind residents only about what is being picked up that week.

  • Get a calendar

    Residents can print a PDF of the calendar specific to their address. They can also download their collection schedule into their personal digital calendar (Microsoft Outlook, iCal, Google calendar).

  • Add educational messaging

    You can add educational messaging that residents will see or hear in their reminders. These messages can encourage recycling habits and proper sorting, provide seasonal tips or information about upcoming environmental events.

  • Educate residents

    Your job of educating residents becomes even easier with simple editing tools if you want to add new materials, waste streams or depots.

  • Getting started

    ReCollect has a list of thousands of items to help you get started.

  • Understand your data

    Analytics help you understand what materials residents are consistently searching for so you can address them in your promotion and education efforts.

  • Customize the game

    The Waste Sorting Game’s name, cart/bin shapes and colors, drop-off depot name, and the background streetscape, can all be customized to meet your program's needs.

  • Understand how people sort

    Behind-the-scenes, you can access analytic tools to help you understand what materials residents and customers are sorting correctly and incorrectly.

  • Web and mobile

    ReCollect‘s Waste Sorting Game works on all modern desktop and mobile web browsers.

  • Customizations

    Do you charge for on-call collections? Want to let residents schedule their pick up time? Or don'€™t? Customize the product in dozens of ways to meet your workflow and budget needs.

  • Integrate with your system

    When a resident makes a request using ReCollect's Special Collection Service, that request can be sent directly into your existing ticketing system. We integrate with all leading scheduling and routing systems. If you don't have a system for scheduling collections, we can provide that too.

  • Decrease call volumes

    Traditionally, residents have to call their municipality or hauler to arrange on-call collection. With ReCollect's Special Collection Service, your call volumes can be decreased!

  • Easy to use

    Our smartphone apps are simple, intuitive and loved by residents. Users enter their address once to get schedule information, what goes in what bin, weekly notifications and service alerts.

  • Customize your mobile app

    ReCollect is about making you - not us - look good. Mobile apps are customized for your brand, including the name, artwork, logos, splash screen, and content.

  • Report a problem

    Gather feedback from users with “Report a Problem.” Add and customize categories for problems, gather the address (via GPS or typed in), receive photos and comments

Create a modern face for your organization


What our happy customers tell us

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    ReCollect was very nimble and willing to work closely with our team to make sure the service met our needs. — Denver Staff

  • ‘‘

    I answer the majority of the waste-related calls, so this app has been incredible for me. — Beaumont Staff

  • ‘‘

    With ReCollect’s campaign feature, we’ve been able to remind more residents about hazardous waste events. — North Battleford Staff

Why residents love ReCollect

  • I like ReCollect so much I input my teenage son’s cell number. A text reminder is much better than me nagging. I don’t think he’s appreciated the gesture quite as much as my neighbours who thought that was brilliant.

    Coquitlam Resident
  • I used to forget garbage day even when I was checking the calendar the city sends. But with ReCollect reminders, I haven’t forgotten one yet.

    Happy Resident
  • Love your service!! Now my wife can tell me when to take out the garbage… she forwards the email! THANKS!

    Thunder Bay Resident
  • I must give you so much credit for the reminders you are sending plus the messages attached. They are important information in saving the environment. I think the City is in the right direction and I am very proud to be part of the recycling program.

    Vancouver Resident