Avoid large capital expenses and delight customers using ReCollect: Meters

Online and mobile solutions for tracking and billing analog electrical and water meter accounts

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A low cost alternative for managing remote meters

  • Used by urban and rural customers
  • Customizable to fit your organizations specific needs
  • Regularly referred to by companies and local governments as “their best IT contractor”

Enjoy the benefits of a complete digital solution

ReCollect: Meters makes it easy for customers to submit readings from their water, electrical and other utility meters.

ReCollect saves companies and local governments countless hours in tracking down delinquent accounts by reminding customers - via email, phone call or text message - when they are supposed to read and submit their reading.

Once reminded customers enter submit their reading by via the web, smart phone app, text message or by phone. Transactions are all confirmed providing you, and your customers with peace of mind.

ReCollect app Meters is customized and branded for your organization, creating a consistent experience for your residents.

  • Easy to use

    Our smartphone apps and website tools are simple, intuitive and loved by residents and administrators alike. Users enter their address once and get reminded of when to read their meters.

  • Customized for your brand

    ReCollect is about making you, not us, look good. Our service is customized for your brand, including the name, artwork, logos, splash screen and services or information you want to inform residents about. Control and enhance your brand.

  • Report a problem

    Gather feedback from users with “Report a Problem.” Add and customize categories for problems, gather the address (via GPS or typed in), receive photos and comments.

Create a modern face for your organization

  • Constant Automatic Updates

    Our apps are constantly updated and require no work by you to upgrade. ReCollect apps are native – which means they are not simply websites pretending to be an app – and work on the latest phones, screen sizes and browsers.

  • Affordable

    Defer million dollar capital projects for a few thousand dollars a year. ReCollect is used by towns of fewer than 10,000 residents to cities of over a million. It is affordable for all sizes of local governments and companies.

  • IVR Integration

    In addition to letting residents submit readings via the web or mobile app, ReCollect lets users submit readings via phone call. If customers have questions ReCollect can integrate with your call center and pass customers into your system

  • Loved

    ReCollect is regularly referred to by customers as their favorite and most responsive vendor. It is core to our company that you feel supported and secure using our service.

What our happy customers tell us

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    I think it worked great! Everything seemed to go smoothly: we got the little widget, and we put it on the website and... that was kind of my role, so I was pretty happy. That was very easy! — Clark County Staff

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    The ReCollect team is really oriented towards the customer and you can’t go wrong with the that approach. And they’re really good about understanding data. — City of Vancouver, WA Staff

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    I have been working for 40 years in information technology and have never worked with a software firm that was as dedicated and cooperative as the team at ReCollect. — Stan Roy, Project Analyst, Thunder Bay

Why residents love ReCollect

  • I like ReCollect so much I input my teenage son’s cell number. A text reminder is much better than me nagging. I don’t think he’s appreciated the gesture quite as much as my neighbours who thought that was brilliant.

    Coquitlam Resident
  • I used to forget garbage day even when I was checking the calendar the city sends. But with ReCollect reminders, I haven’t forgotten one yet.

    Happy Resident
  • Love your service!! Now my wife can tell me when to take out the garbage… she forwards the email! THANKS!

    Thunder Bay Resident
  • I must give you so much credit for the reminders you are sending plus the messages attached. They are important information in saving the environment. I think the City is in the right direction and I am very proud to be part of the recycling program.

    Vancouver Resident