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Help people recycle right. Reduce contamination, lower call volumes and divert recyclable materials from landfills with our Waste Wizard digital tool.

How The Waste Wizard Helps:

Reduce Contamination

Contamination is a challenge we are all battling. Proper education helps us combat contamination. Help people access the information they need to recycle better with our Waste Wizard.

Our Waste Wizard digital tool allows people to search your materials list easily using a web or mobile app. When people search for a material, they see where to dispose of it, (e.g. trash, blue bin, etc.) and the a depot where it can be taken for disposal –  map and contact information.

Say goodbye to outdated common materials PDFs and rudimentary search tools on your website.

Reduce Waste Contamination

Increase Waste Diversion


Reduce Call Volumes

When people have answers to their questions right at their fingertips, they stay off the phone and out of your inbox. This lowers costs and helps you improve efficiency.

Reduce the need to staff costly call centers. Help your audience self-serve by accessing the information they need in real-time – all 100% tailored to your program.

Increase Diversion Through Analytics

What materials and instructions are people having a challenge with? What are they getting wrong?

Waste Wizard’s advanced analytics help you measure and track your programs with more precision. Access the most commonly searched materials, and build awareness campaigns to target problem areas.

Every time people search, you will have more data to gain insights and make decisions on.

Our powerful dashboard lets you quickly update content, add materials and monitor usage.

Increase Waste Diversion

Lower Waste Program Operational Costs

Lower Operational Costs

Because the Waste Wizard is digital and accessible from your website tools or any smartphone, it lowers operational costs such as staffing and call centers needed to answer people’s questions.

Still tracking materials using slow and outdated methods like spreadsheets and folders? Our tool is pre-loaded with thousands of materials and supporting images to help save you time and costs.

Want to add new materials, or update existing ones? Easily manage your materials list, images, and instructions from your secure login in real time.

Multi-Family? Multi-Community? Not a Problem

Need to help people in multiple geographical areas search ‘what goes where’? Want the materials list and disposal/recycling instructions to vary depending on city, location or even multi-family building?

What’s more, when you want to see how each community is doing with its waste and recycling, you can easily community-by-community what materials get searched the most.

Multi-Community, Multi-Family Recycling

Increase Waste Diversion


i.e. Foster a New Generation of Better Recyclers

The future of waste and recycling communications is digital. Maximize your messaging and campaigns to target people where – and how – they search.

As we move into a fully digital culture, we need to adapt. Today’s recyclers are already using digital, and tomorrow’s recyclers will only respond to digital communications (i.e. smartphones, voice search).

When we communicate the right message effectively, and people change behavior in a positive way, we all win.

Best-In-Class Digital Tools

All of our digital tools are:

  • Custom branded to your organization
  • Tailored specifically to your needs
  • 100% compliant
  • 100% accessible
  • Built to exceed web security requirements

Brand Strength

What Do Our Customers Say?

"We’ve never really been able to measure the effectiveness of the content to see if anyone’s taking action on it. But with ReCollect we were able to see the huge spike in downloads of the app and addresses searched right when we promoted this in the link which shows it works."

Jamie Shockley, Strategic Communications Analyst, City of Olathe

"Working internally we felt like it would take a long time (to build the tool we wanted) and we felt like (with ReCollect) that whatever you needed: instantly, it was there.

Whatever you needed was right there after you put in your address, rather than having to drill down through a GIS database."

Tanya Gray, City of Vancouver, WA

“We’ve been really happy with the service, it’s been a user friendly process for us and the residents have been delighted to choose the way that they’re communicated with. We definitely recommend it for municipalities looking at ways to improve communications and their waste program.”

Melinda Jolley, Communications Coordinator, City of Victoria.

Delighted Customers

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