Learn the latest strategies and techniques designed to help you educate your audience and change recycling behaviour in your programs. Come on in – we have a lot of insights we want to share with you.

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Our Past Webinars

The Waste Wizard: Modernizing Resident Communications

Learn more about how our Waste Wizard helps organizations use digital to transform and modernize their communications and teach people how to become better recyclers.

The Collection Calendar: Modernizing Customer Communications (Waste Haulers)

Learn more about how our Collection Calendar helps private waste haulers free up phone lines, lower call volumes and helps customers self-serve the information they need.

How to Reduce Contamination With Better Recycling Communications (Waste Haulers)

In this webinar, private waste hauler specialist Ryan Buhay will teach you how to tackle contamination head-on by using digital communications to re-engage customers and empower them to recycle better.

Forget Pen and Paper: How To Run Highly Effective Curbside Evaluations

Waste industry experts Kelly Bray and Laura MacLellan will teach you how a curbside evaluation study can be a powerful addition to your suite of digital waste program tools. Learn how to lower contamination, and increase program participation.

How to Lower Call Volumes and Reduce Contamination With Digital Communications

Waste industry specialists Jenny English and Drew Rifkin have combined forces to teach you how to build a digital-forward culture in your programs that engages and empowers people to recycle better.