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Reduce contamination, lower call volumes and empower people to be great recyclers
with our best-in-class custom branded digital waste and recycling communication tools.

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Reduce Waste Contamination


Reduce Contamination

When people can quickly and easily search and get answers for “what goes where”, they develop better recycling habits. And engaged recyclers means reduced contamination in your program.

Help people quickly search materials with mobile apps and web widgets and teach them how and where to recycle or dispose of them.

Reduce contamination, at the source.

Lower Call Volumes

Inbound calls are costly and inefficient. Save time and resources by providing people the answers they need before they pick up the phone to call you. People can search for any material and see instructions on how to properly dispose of it, or access their real-time collection schedule.

All from easy to use mobile apps and web widgets, custom-branded to your program.

Help people become self-sufficient recyclers.

Reduce Call Volumes


Increase Waste Diversion


Increase Diversion

Teach people how to recycle materials properly and divert materials away from landfills.

Access your in-tool analytics and learn what people search for the most, so you can zoom in on problem areas and truly focus your campaigns to target recycling behaviour.

Let’s help people divert from landfills.

Teach Proper Recycling Habits

People want to recycle right. Show them how.

Our easy-to-access digital tools are designed to help educate people in a fast and easy way, helping you to foster great recyclers. What’s more?

Our tools are customized and custom-branded to your program.

Foster a new generation of great recyclers.

Recycling Education


Recycling Data Insights


Build Actionable Insights

What’s working in your program? How can you improve your campaigns to change behavior? And most of all, how do you know if you’ve made an impact?

Accessing your own digital data helps you make more impactful changes in your program, and allows you to target the most challenging areas for improvement first.

Measure, analyze and improve your program.

Recycling Tools That Help Change Behaviour

7 Million +


6 Million +


280 Million +


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Learn how our best-in-class custom branded digital tools help you reduce contamination, lower call volumes and foster better recyclers.

City of Olathe: A City Committed To Change

Wanting an easier way to engage people, change recycling behavior and lower contamination, the City of Olathe turned to ReCollect.

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"So easy to use"

Quick, easy to you, lots of helpful information, always updated with any changes made, or additional info that maybe helpful, still rocks

James Lobson, City of Surrey

"It's simple and it works"

It is simple and works. Does what it needs to do, and it does it pretty well. Thank you to the product team behind it and to Denver for making the effort and investment in something that makes our lives easier.

Aaron D, City of Denver

"Just love this app!"

I love this app, it is very useful especially after a busy day and I am not sure what the pickup is going to be on my day. I also like that it will let me know when there is a change in the regular schedule.

Arian Fuelo, City of Greensboro, SC