Privacy Policy and User Agreement

In short: we only keep data that is necessary to provide our service. We will not share your data with any third parties.

1. Information that is gathered from visitors

In common with other web sites, log files are stored on web servers, saving details such as the visitor's IP address, browser type, referring page and time of visit. For reminders, the subscriber's contact information, location and contact details will be stored on a server.

2. How the information is used

The ReCollect service is operated by ReCollect Systems Inc. You are not obligated to provide any personal information in order to use the service. Any information submitted is used to provide the reminder service and to enhance the subscriber’s experience when using the web site by displaying personalized content. Email addresses will not be sold, rented or leased to third parties. Email may be sent to inform you of news of related services offered by our clients.

3. Where the information is stored

All personal information collected for the purposes of ReCollect reminders is transmitted securely and only stored on ReCollect Systems Inc. servers, which are located in secure data centres in the United States of America. Information will be accessed only by ReCollect Systems Inc. or by employees or agents of ReCollect Systems Inc. and only for the purposes described above.

4. Cookies

We use cookies. Cookies are small "breadcrumbs" that are stored by your web browser that allow your pickup zone to be remembered, so that when you return you see the correct schedule without needing to enter your details again. They are not critical for the operation of this site.

5. Third-party policies

ReCollect uses services provided by Google Inc. ("Google"). The Google Maps API may be used to help find addresses, and is used to display maps and calculate directions and distances to certain locations. ReCollect does not transmit contact information to Google (e.g. phone numbers, emails), but addresses entered into ReCollect may be used by Google services to perform location queries. Please review Google's Privacy Policy in order to understand how Google uses the data it collects.