Waste Sorting Game

Teach People How To Be Better Recyclers

Teach the widest possible audience how to recycle right in a fun and engaging way with our Waste Sorting Game.

How The Waste Sorting Game Helps

Teach People Proper Recycling Habits

When people search for how to recycle a material, they are often surprised to find they were recycling incorrectly.

Wish-cycling is the term we often used to describe this. They mean to do well – they just need help learning proper recycling habits.

Our Waste Sorting Game is a web app that you publish to your website and promote to your audience. People can play the game and are quizzed on ‘what goes where’. Once they complete the game, they receive a printable certificate congratulating them for their participation.

The game is fast, fun, and simple to play – so it’s great for people of all ages.

Recycling Education

Reduce Waste Contamination

Lower Contamination

Reduce contamination by teaching people ‘what goes where’ in an easy and fun way.

Our Waste Sorting Game is intuitive and can be tailored specifically to target problem areas people are having in your program.

When people ‘drag and drop’ items to the right bins in the game and are congratulated for getting those items right, we are reinforcing great recycling behavior.

Divert Materials From Landfills

People often unknowingly throw recyclable items in the trash bin. Our Waste Sorting game helps divert materials from the landfill by teaching people how to recycle materials they are otherwise throwing out.

The game can be played by many people at the same time, anywhere, as long as they can access your website.

All this, without the costs of attending events in-person, training or physical materials.

Increase Waste Diversion

Recycling Data Insights

Analytics and Insights

Love numbers? Test program effectiveness with virtual audit metrics.

Aggregated metrics in the game show where people struggle the most with recycling, providing a perfect virtual audit you can use to target campaigns around.

Understand where people are getting things wrong, and use the data to inform your future campaigns.

Best-In-Class Digital Tools

All of our digital tools are:

  • Custom branded to your organization
  • Tailored specifically to your needs
  • 100% compliant
  • 100% accessible
  • Built to exceed web security requirements

Brand Strength

What Do Our Customers Say?

"We’ve never really been able to measure the effectiveness of the content to see if anyone’s taking action on it. But with ReCollect we were able to see the huge spike in downloads of the app and addresses searched right when we promoted this in the link which shows it works."

Jamie Shockley, Strategic Communications Analyst, City of Olathe

"Working internally we felt like it would take a long time (to build the tool we wanted) and we felt like (with ReCollect) that whatever you needed: instantly, it was there.

Whatever you needed was right there after you put in your address, rather than having to drill down through a GIS database."

Tanya Gray, City of Vancouver, WA

“We’ve been really happy with the service, it’s been a user friendly process for us and the residents have been delighted to choose the way that they’re communicated with. We definitely recommend it for municipalities looking at ways to improve communications and their waste program.”

Melinda Jolley, Communications Coordinator, City of Victoria.

Delighted Customers

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