At ReCollect, we’re committed to bringing you delightful products to improve your recycling education and outreach strategy. Our development team works behind the scenes on these products – creating tools based on your needs, and continually improving them. Get to Know Our Developers Our team is composed of skilled developers from across North America. As a remote company, we’re able to hire the best. We’re not confined by geographical areas to build our incredible team. We find developers who share our passions, and who have amazing skills, no matter where they are.  “By being a remote team, we find people whose passions for the environment overlap with an interest in helping cities and local governments deliver better services.”  – Luke Closs, CTO and Founder In addition to hiring based on passion and skill, the team hires based on kindness – according to our developer Pan. Our developers are excited about the products they create, and they’re committed to supporting one another. Not to mention, they’re a lot of fun! The Fresh-faced Tech Industry In an industry with a 13.2% turnover rate, our team has never seen a developer quit. In 2017, software and internet companies saw the highest rate of employee turnover compared to other major industries.  Many tech employers are unable to retain developers for more than three years. It’s expected that employees will leave frequently for the opportunity to gain new skills. At ReCollect, our developers have stayed with us for 3, 4, 5 years – and counting! So How Do We Keep Our Talent? We asked our developers what they love about working at ReCollect and why they stay. Here is what they have told us that they appreciate:
  • The team’s inclusive and supportive culture
  • A shared respect for their coworkers
  • The flexibility of working remotely
  • The collective passion for the products being developed
  • The many opportunities to learn
Developing Company Culture Many of the developers praised our team’s culture of inclusivity – with some finding a stronger sense of community, camaraderie, and respect at ReCollect than at other, more traditional organizations they’ve worked at. What’s different, one developer says, is that the team is managed by developers. Our team’s managers understand the needs of the developers and know how to communicate with them. There is a better understanding of projects – team leads know their scope and the process, and they’re able to provide guidance and mentorship. Team members appreciate the flexibility of working from home. Remote work offers them more time with family (whether that’s human, pet, or plant), and less time in the car! One software developer said that they’ve been offered other jobs since starting at ReCollect, but that they can’t imagine being back at an office and having to commute. Driving to an office is out of the question now! Not to mention – you can work almost anywhere! Typically, we have developers globetrotting around the world. You can find Therese checking into Zoom calls from a new country every month.  Passionate About Products Our developers are motivated by the work they do at ReCollect. They’re passionate about developing products that benefit municipalities and haulers, and ultimately, that make the lives of everyday people, like them, better. For many, this is their first experience having people they know use something they’ve worked on. CTO and Founder, Luke Closs, said that “no one I knew used the software I worked on” before starting ReCollect. Now “regular people love the tools, people I know use them.” They can see the work they do and the tools they create making society better – by developing at ReCollect, Wataru noted that he’s making life easier for his neighbors, his friends, and his family. Our development team believes in the value of our tools and they want to ensure everyone can benefit from them. To make sure our tools are available to as many people as possible, they can be translated into 14 languages and every year the team completes an accessibility audit. The developers were happy to receive feedback from a user with vision impairments who let them know that he enjoyed using the app – no more missed garbage days! Our developers are proud to serve all citizens, they’re passionate about positive user experiences and accessibility for all. And you know they’re building the very best because our developers use the tools too!