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ReCollector Spotlight: Tia McKillop, Product Manager

When it comes to problem solving, ReCollect product manager Tia McKillop says the bigger the problem the better. While working closely with ReCollect customers, Tia loves hearing about the biggest challenges they’re facing and finding unique and creative solutions with our products: “I used to have a whiteboard up and my favorite days were when I had to map things out on the whiteboard and figure out how to solve them.”

In her own words, Tia explains what she does on a day-to-day basis with ReCollect:

“I’m a product manager here at ReCollect. So what that means is I work with the development team—specifically the roadmap team. When they’re doing sprints, I’m leading the project. So I host a kickoff call, explain to them the scope of what’s involved in the project and things like that. And then I am involved with them throughout the duration of the project, and to answer any questions and make product decisions as we go. That’s my main part of my job and mainly what I do day to day.”

In her role as product manager, Tia gets to put her problem-solving skills to work and lists this as one of her favourite things about the job, “I like thinking about tricky situations. So, I feel like being in product, lets me do that. Having all these pieces, I’m figuring out how they work together and if they should work together, and how they should be grouped as well.”

Tia also finds it incredibly validating to see product demos come to life based on the work she drafts up for the development team.

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Tia has Bachelor of Science and Environment and an advanced diploma in GIS and has been a team member at ReCollect for over three years. In fact, she just celebrated her three-year anniversary with ReCollect! She began as a support engineer and gradually made the shift to product manager where she is now.

A vegan, Tia lives “green” in a number of ways, and also credits the ability to work remotely for its environmental-friendliness. Now, the more she learns through her role at ReCollect, she’s also excited to share these insights with family and friends.

Fast Facts About Tia

What is Tia doing in her free time? Outside of work, Tia keeps busy with her dog Rudy, her wife, and a variety of hobbies, including art classes, bouldering, knitting, and reading.

If you were a hot sauce, what level would you rate yourself and why? Tia rates herself as a six, but upon “phoning a friend,” reports back at an eight.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Teleportation.

The world could do with less: Pollution

What gets you through a hard day? Chocolate! Dark chocolate.

And a special shoutout to tomatoes.🍅♻️