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Award-Winning Products, Award-Winning Customers

When municipalities, haulers, and schools call on our digital communication tools for waste and recycling to carry out their work and care for the planet, and those tools help garner them awards, everyone wins.

At ReCollect, we have the right tools for the right jobs. Through our suite of tried-and-true digital tools for waste and recycling related communications, our customers are successfully rolling out new recycling programs, reducing recycling contamination, lowering call volumes and empowering people in their communities to become better recyclers.

Beyond orchestrating successful programming and having the satisfaction of a job well-done, our customers are also winning awards and receiving other accolades for their ingenuity and work, from the National Recycling Coalition’s Outstanding Community or Government Program, to the Secretary of the Army Award for Environmental Quality. Others, still, are receiving noteworthy kudos from their regions and communities, or leading their states in their recycling efforts.

And we can help you do the same.

Easy-to-Use Tools that Help You Meet Your Goals

Leaning on ReCollect’s digital tools has helped municipalities, haulers and others achieve far more than awards; they help folks meet their waste-diversion and recycling goals, become pioneers and leaders in the recycling industry, and better stewards of the earth.

In Cary, North Carolina, for example, more than 44% of households now access their solid waste collection schedules through the town’s app, Cary Collects, powered by ReCollect. The app and tools have also allowed the town to eliminate more than 50,000 printed and mailed recycling schedules and materials lists, which saved more than $5,000.

Meanwhile, the Town of Cary has also seen their contamination rates decrease by around 3%.

“The app is very helpful with collection day changes,” Cary’s former Solid Waste Manger Bob Holden says. “Reaching so many people so fast about the changes has been positive, and our residents appreciate that.”

Columbia, South Carolina, has also made great strides after adopting their ReCollect-powered app. The app “helps the City of Columbia communicate with residents in all the ways they want to communicate — and on their terms,” says Sam Yager, the city’s Solid Waste Superintendent.

After launching its app, Columbia saw steady growth in its app users, which more than doubled in its first year.

“People love the app,” Sam says, “and it’s a key to success in Columbia’s recycling rates.”

The app paired with the city’s work helped it earn recognition from the Carolina Recycling Association, too.

Communities in Colorado are also leading their states in recycling rates after deploying tools from ReCollect, from Boulder County to Loveland. The city of Boulder ranked No. 1 for citywide recycling, for example, as the Boulder Daily Camera reports. Loveland’s recycling efforts also helped its city place at the top of the state for residential recycling efforts, according to WasteAdvantage Magazine.

Loads of other municipalities across North America and Europe are also finding success with their apps and widgets. But ReCollect’s collection of products aren’t for municipalities and haulers alone. Universities, college campuses, military bases and beyond can benefit from digital tools for waste and recycling communications, too.

Take the Fort Hood Army base, for example. Its app, Fort Hood Recycle, helped it to earn the distinction as “the U.S. Army leader in recycling,” The Recycler reports. With help from its digital tools, Fort Hood’s recycling program works to educate soldiers and civilians alike about ways to collaborate for “a greener future,” using $89,000 in recycling revenue to sponsor 32 soldier and family events, according to The Recycler.

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor has also made great strides in its solid waste and recycling programs after tapping into tools from ReCollect. There, the school’s Office of Campus Sustainability provides waste education and more to some 60,000 students, faculty and staff who live, learn, work and play at the university. Calling on tools like ReCollect’s Waste Wizard helps the university easily reach everyone they serve, day or night, so people on campus may always recycle right.

Mixing and Matching: Finding a Winning Combination

While ReCollect offers a host of tools to help you better run your solid waste and recycling programs, you can mix and match them to suit your needs.

As many ReCollect customers have found, each tool is designed to run efficiently on its own or in combination with one another. Which could be a winning combination for you? Here are some tools to explore, along with some information about how our customers have paired and customized each to find success and earn recognition for their hard work.

  • The Mobile App: Our mobile app helps people stay connected, communicate and access information in real time and build good recycling habits while lowering call volumes, reducing the cost and need for printed materials and upping your engagement.

Cities such as Columbia, South Carolina; and Marietta, Georgia, as well as the Fort Hood Army Base, all received recognition after kicking off their apps. Columbia was recognized by the Carolina Recycling Association; Smart Cities Connect awarded Marietta with a Top 50 Smart City award in the community engagement category, and Fort Hood was awarded the Secretary of the Army Award for Environmental Quality.


  • The Collection Calendar and the Waste Wizard, Web Widget-Style: From Lexington County, South Carolina, to Cary, North Carolina, it’s all coming up aces for those who have enlisted this one-two punch combination of web widget tools. While the Waste Wizard helps inform folks about how to dispose of any given item, the Collection Calendar can help you spread the word about when and where, from weekly curbside collections to special drop-off sites.

The Carolina Recycling Association has honored each for their work in advancement of waste reduction and recycling in the Carolinas, according to press releases.

  • The Collection Calendar, the Waste Wizard and the Waste Sorting Game: This trio of web widgets became a winning combination for Durango, Colorado. There, the annual State of Recycling and Composting Colorado Report recognized Durango for having the highest recycling rates of 2019 outside of the Front Range, according to WasteAdvantage Magazine. With a little help from this trifecta of tools, Durango reached a recycling rate of 33% — significantly higher than the state average of 15.9%, according to WasteAdvantage.
  • The Collection Calendar, the Waste Wizard, the Special Collection tool and the Mobile App: This quartet helped Loveland, Colorado, become one of the best recycling cities in Colorado — and remain so, year after year. While the web widgets help inform folks of their collection days, information on what can and cannot be recycled and more, the Special Collection tool allows people to self-serve their pickup requests. Not only does the tool cut your call volume, but it also curbs illegal dumping, optimizes your collections, streamlines your operations and more.

We’re All In This Together

While we plug away in our offices and tend to our many spinning plates, we sometimes can feel as though we are working in a vacuum. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We’re all in this together!

Our decades-worth of industry knowledge paired with our customers’ know-how and hefty accomplishments mean if you are in need of help, we’ve probably been there and done that — or we know someone who has.

Check out our customers’ websites and apps to learn more about what they do. Are you still looking for a little inspiration and direction? Let’s Talk.

Together, we can hatch a tool — or collection of tools — to help you get where you’d like to be. And who knows, you might bring home an award or two, too!

P.S. Keep an eye out for recipients of this year’s RRC Program of the Year award – Washington, Tacoma, and Marquette County are all ReCollect customers that have made the shortlist of finalists!