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July Waste Industry Update

*We’ve put together the best waste industry news from July!*

Summer is in full effect, recycling friends — and so are many state and city-wide organics bans! In an effort to slash solid waste totals and improve carbon footprints, more and more states and cities are hopping on board and creating plans for their organic waste, from banning or limiting the disposal of organic waste to strategizing an overall organic waste reduction or management plan.

In California, for instance, Senate Bill 1383 (which took effect Jan. 1, 2022) requires jurisdictions throughout the state to provide organics collection and related education to support its aggressive efforts to reduce methane emissions from food and other organic waste in landfills. Other states — including Vermont and New York — also have waste diversion or recycling requirements for materials such as food waste and leaf/yard debris.

But banning food and organic waste completely doesn’t have to be an all or nothing goal, especially not at first. Massachusetts, for example, will begin limiting the disposal of organic waste — including food — from businesses and other institutions that dispose of more than one ton of these materials per week, beginning Nov. 1, 2022. This will help the state meet its Department of Environmental Protection’s 2030 Solid Waste Master Plan.

Whether your area faces organics bans or regulations, or you’d like to implement or improve some, we can help. No matter your program goals, outreach and engagement will be key factors to help you carry out any successful waste program — and you can make it happen with digital waste and recycling communication tools. Here are just a few to explore:

  • Curbside Audit Tool:  Easily measure, retain and report on contamination, cart volume, cart placement, and participation in seconds through the mobile app — with instant address identification and data that automatically syncs up to help you build actionable insights.
  • Collection Calendar: Eliminate the need for printed calendars and other mailers while helping the people in your community keep tabs on their collection days through this tool. The calendar can be an especially helpful feature if your solid waste, recycling and organics are picked up on different schedules.
  • Waste Wizard: Lean on this tool to lower your call volumes, curb illegal dumping and empower your community to recycle right by providing them with everything they need to know about how to properly dispose of any item, from food scraps to appliances. You also may include any information from special collections to drop-off sites or donation centers, too.


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JRM Hauling

Industry Updates

Solar Panels

Purchase of Automated Recycling Trucks

A new loan in Oklahoma is supporting the Authority’s purchase of five new automated side-loader trucks.

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May Compost

U of Virginia Repurposes Student Furniture

When university students move out of residence halls and apartments, loads of furniture and appliances are typically hauled off to the landfill.

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Green Bin

EPA Grant to Cleanup Former Battery Site in Council Bluffs

The grant will have a “transformative impact” on the site as well as the surrounding community, says Council Bluffs Mayor Matthew Walsh.

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Love Food Hate Waste Canada to Help Alberta

The new partnerships will continue to prevent household food waste to help people save money — and the planet.

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    JRM Hauling

    Scrap Expo Highlights Equipment Maintenance

    This year’s event will offer technical training sessions and more to help scrap processing machinery owners maintain their equipment.

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    [Blog] Crunching Numbers for New Programs and Tools? Don’t Take ReCollect for Grant(ed)

    Applying for and managing grants while improving and carrying out your solid waste and recycling programs can be tricky — but you have help.

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