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Behind the scenes at ReCollect, our developers are hard at work, motivated by the ways in which we can help toward our common goal of caring for our planet. Every day, we see our customers making the most of their digital recycling communication tools, and inspiring us to keep fighting the good fight, too. And we constantly partner with our customers to do everything we can to ensure that everyone who has access to these tools can fully benefit from them and get the biggest bang for their buck.  

Because our customers’ tools are used by various end-users, we work hard to cater to all, regardless of a user’s age or walk of life, level of tech-savviness, the language they speak, or the barriers they face. We especially are mindful of our seniors, non-native English speakers (I’m one of them!), people with disabilities, and so on.

Inclusion is an important element of all that we do at ReCollect, and we take it very seriously. To do so, we help create accessible, multi-platform products that can be localized and customized to fit any community’s needs. Here are just a few ways in which we do so:

We support multiple languages. The contents of our customers’ tools are created in English, and then we translate everything through an automated process. Program languages include German, Russian, Korean, Hindi, Spanish, French, and more, making up 15 languages in total.   

We support many platforms. This includes mobile browsers, mobile apps, desktop viewing, and more—even old P.C. browsers. This is incredibly important for users who aren’t particularly tech-savvy. 

We take accessibility very seriously at ReCollect. We offer screen-reader support for people with visual impairments, as well as phone call reminders.

We welcome feedback and make it a priority to address any concerns. This is especially true of seniors. I loved my grandparents, and it’s hard not to think of them and the things they would have struggled with while we do our work. It is important to me and the whole ReCollect team to have this user feedback so we can take a special approach to learn more about what we can do to help others.  

Creating inclusive tools isn’t only the right thing to do, it’s the way to affect the greatest change, too.

Other customers have given us similar feedback, too. In addition to calendar reminders, seniors especially appreciate the ability to access the information they need through the app on their phone—whenever they can find their phone, that is, they say!  

Many folks have told us how much they appreciate reminders about which bin goes out and when. I “no longer have to stress my senior brain to remember what goes to the curb,” one user said.   

Reminders like these especially come in handy for users who are retired, we hear.

“For us, every day is Saturday, and every night is Friday night,” one user said. With calendar reminders, no one must keep track of the day of the week or the collection schedule as a whole when they can rely on reminders instead.

If you’ve perused our tools and have thought of something we haven’t, let’s talk. We can start with a 20-minute call to talk more about your waste and recycling goals.