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#1 Digital Communication Tools for the Waste Industry

Waste Haulers, Educational Institutions, and Cities rely on traditional methods to provide waste sorting education and manage waste collection calendars to instantly communicate changes or delays in the collection schedule.

As these organizations try to implement sustainable waste management practices and decrease the amount of municipal solid waste diverted to landfills, they struggle to keep up with the increased contamination.

They are also challenged with higher diversion rates and a lack of innovative methods to educate residents on proper recycling habits, as the traditional methods only result in increased call volumes.

As environmentally conscious people, we grew tired of keeping up with waste and collection changes; we were confused about how to dispose of commonly misplaced items and the lack of real-time updates to our local waste program.

This is why we built ReCollect, a suite of digital outreach communication tools purposely built for the waste industry.

ReCollect’s suite of digital education and outreach tools makes it easier for you and your team to connect and engage with people delightfully, saving time and resources and helping them become better recyclers.

ReCollect helps people never miss a collection day by:

  • Eliminating printed calendars
  • Displaying your curbside collection in a digital format
  • Setting weekly reminders
  • Instantly notifying people of unexpected weather, mechanical problems, or holiday schedules that disrupt service

As well, the benefits of providing access to self-serve waste sorting information are:

  • Providing instant updates on what goes in what bin and how to dispose of top offenders
  • Empowering people to schedule special collection pickups through an online booking system
  • Passively teaching a wide audience of people how to recycle properly in a fun and resource friendly way with the waste sorting game
  • Connecting with people fast and efficiently through the power of a mobile app

These digital communication tools allow for a localized one-stop waste interaction hub configured and tailored to your brand, which can integrate into your existing website and mobile app.

With ReCollect, waste communication and education is streamlined to make it easy for you and the people you serve. Let us help you amplify your waste and recycling programs.

You can learn why our customers have chosen to go digital with their education and outreach programs by clicking the button below and connecting with one of our waste and recycling specialists.