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Darin Sheasgreen Has All the Tools for Success

Being an account manager for ReCollect means Darin Sheasgreen gets to travel all over the world—at least over the phone. “Some days, I’m talking to California or Northern Alberta, and other days, I’m speaking with someone in the middle of the desert,” he says, adding that it’s what keeps his job exciting.

Born in Ottawa, Darin spent most of his childhood in the United States. While growing up in South Carolina, he recalls recycling not even being an option. Though his mother—a fellow Canadian—did whatever she could to reduce waste, like composting and dropping bottles of at the local fire station, Darin says it wasn’t until he returned home to Ottawa after graduating college that he really stepped up his recycling routine.

“I felt like I got back to my roots and found myself again in my adult life,” he says, admitting that ReCollect really helped him learn how to recycle properly. “My wife Cathy and I went from tossing 2-3 bags of garbage out every two weeks to just one.”

ReCollect first came onto Darin’s radar because of its innovative software. With a passion for technology that began by playing on the computer with his father, a computer software programmer, at the age of five, Darin was attracted to the possibility of connecting his interest and education in technology with making a difference in the world. He remembers his reaction to finding out the software he had been using for over a year was a ReCollect product during his job interview.

“When my [now] manager told me it was ReCollect’s software, it blew my mind,” he exclaims. “I had no idea it wasn’t something the city provided.”

Aside from loving the technology side of his job, Darin says meeting new people is something else he really enjoys—especially learning new things. “After training, participating in trade shows and having numerous conversations, I really believed I finally understood the waste industry,” he says. “But then I talk to someone new, and discover something I never knew before!”

Darin also loves being able to help municipalities increase organics usage at a larger scale through ReCollect’s tools. He describes the positive impact he’s been able to make in just a short period of time as both exciting and rewarding, and says the icing on the cake is being able to share the successes with the rest of the team. “It’s what makes ReCollect so awesome,” he says. “Well, that and getting to wear a hoodie to work every day.”

When asked what makes ReCollect so unique, Darin doesn’t hesitate to say it’s their incredibly supportive work culture that he noticed from his very first day on the job. “There’s my face on screen with 50 others I’m meeting for the first time,” he laughs. “As soon as my manager introduces me, I see everyone’s hands go up, giving me the spirit fingers.” While he admits being a bit taken aback by the team welcoming, he says the special hand gesture has become one of his favourite things. That, and the warm atmosphere he feels, despite everyone working remotely.

“I work with all of my best friends,” he says with a big smile. “It’s hard not to look forward to my meetings—no matter how early they start!”

6 Fast Facts About Darin

What is Darin listening to? I’ve got some key Spotify playlists that I listen to that get me through whatever my day throws my way.

What is Darin doing in his free time? Watching Hot Ones wing challenge videos on YouTube, which I have done myself. The Bomb is the worst one for sure.

If you were a hot sauce, what level would you rate yourself and why? I would a give myself a 10/10, and even have a million dollar idea that could help more people enjoy the heat (Editor’s note: He shared it, but swore us to secrecy).

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I already have a superpower, but I can’t tell you what it is—not yet, anyway.

People on planet earth should: Delete social media.

The world could do without: The world could do with MORE forgiveness.