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Jenica Nelson Is at the Top of Her Class

As Customer Education Manager, Jenica doesn’t have time to put her pants on one leg at a time. Instead, she hops in and gets right to work, creating webinars, newsletters and self-help resources on ReCollect’s customer communications and knowledge base, The Academy.

An Environmental Studies graduate from the University of Tennessee in 2011, Jenica always knew she wanted to work in the recycling industry that educated others about sustainable practices. While living in Kansas, she worked her way up the industry, eventually landing a role as a Waste & Recycling Specialist for a municipality. While working there, she purchased and onboarded ReCollect’s software. When she saw they were hiring for a Customer Success manager (CSM), she decided to throw her name into the hat. It paid off and in 2018, she was hired as ReCollect’s new CSM.

The job was everything she wanted. Not only was Jenica fulfilling her goals of working in the industry she wanted, but she soon discovered a healthier work-life balance, including the opportunity to work remotely. During this time, she took initiative of leading numerous tasks outside of her role, which led to a promotion to her current position as Customer Education Manager.

Using her past experience working for a municipal solid waste office has helped Jenica provide the best level of support to ReCollect’s customers.

“Having been a ReCollect customer myself, I have a very customer-centric approach,” she says. “I try to use language and visuals that can be interpreted by all audiences, regardless of their tech-savviness.”

Jenica’s desire to always provide the highest level of education for customers extends to everything she does. “Most recently, I curated a 2022 Webinar Series for our customers,” she says proudly. “We’ve got a mix of Ask Me Anything and Town Hall style webinars that will bring in others from the team that I don’t get to interact with as often, so that’s exciting.”

It’s no surprise then that offering support to her customers is what she enjoys most about her job—whether that’s sharing a resource on The Academy, or providing networking opportunities for customers to share their experiences. But it’s not just the customers who continue to learn each day.

“Honestly, learning from our customers has broadened my awareness of how varied waste management and diversion programs can be,” she admits. “The customers have been my biggest teachers.”

Jenica also really appreciates how ReCollect has allowed her to get to know people from all over North America. “I feel so connected to my co-workers, despite rarely seeing them in person,” she says. “There are opportunities for collaboration that bring you closer together.”

But most of all, this avid recycler and composter who opts for glass over plastic, buying in bulk, and bringing her own containers for take-out, says ReCollect has really expanded the knowledge on the various ways communities shape their diversion programs and offer recycling.

“The creative ways they make that happen resonates with the creativity I get to do in my role every day. And that means a lot to me.”

6 Fast Facts About Jenica

What is Jenica listening to? I’m a sucker for dancy, electronic music because it can easily turn my mood right around.

What is Jenica doing in her free time? I like to take my dog Luna to the dog park, or give some love to my plotted plants. A quick power nap is always welcome, too.

If you were a hot sauce, what level would you rate yourself and why? I’d like to think I have a high tolerance for spice, but 4/10 is probably more realistic.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Does becoming a morning person count? I’d love any recommendations for that! (Editor’s note: ☕️)

People on planet earth should: Decrease their fast fashion consumption.

The world could do without: More stuff = more waste. ♻️