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ReCollect Helps Keep Phil Blythe Truly Connected

Phil Blythe may live halfway across the world, but when it comes to wanting to make a real difference, his passion hits close to home.

As part of the sales team for both ReCollect and Webaspx, a UK software solutions company owned by Routeware, Phil familiarizes his customers and councils in the United Kingdom to ReCollect’s tools. And he couldn’t be happier doing it.

Phil describes his position at Webaspx and relationship with ReCollect—also part of the Routeware group of companies—as a “happy family of businesses that serve to introduce truly connected, fully digital systems for a variety of processes.”

An average day for Phil on the job typically involves helping organizations throughout the UK become part of the ReCollect community. Phil’s ability to shift perspectives by introducing ReCollect’s digital tools has proven to be valuable to his UK customers.

“The more I would speak with local authorities, the more I realized a huge potential for ReCollect’s tools to transform the way people access waste and recycling information,” he reveals, “which would ultimately help them become better recyclers.”

While Phil’s previous careers have varied – selling commercial office space and furniture parts, and working in the motor trade—when he joined the Webaspx team last year, he finally felt like he landed where he belonged. When ReCollect presented an opportunity to head up the sales of their tools in the UK, it was one Phil couldn’t refuse.

“The chance to make a real difference was particularly appealing,” he asserts. “I’m able to help the planet and hopefully have some influence in the UK’s overall rate of recycling, which is really exciting.”

This desire to protect the environment influences Phil in all areas of his life, including purchasing an electric car (which he highly recommends). But he acknowledges that despite his greatest efforts, working at ReCollect has been a real eye opener.

“I’ve always tried my best to recycle, but discussing the impact that contamination has, certainly helped me become a better recycler,” he admits. “Now, I have an appreciation of what happens after something is put into a bin or a container. And I share this new information with my friends and family, too”

Since starting with the ReCollect team, Phil has already welcomed notable UK councils on board as ReCollect customers. “Being able to discuss the challenges many UK councils face and finding out what areas he’s able to help them improve on, has been really rewarding, “ he says. “It’s nice to know that the work I’m doing is having a positive impact.”

Phil credits the support from the ReCollect team in helping him with his successes so far—even though they all live on another continent. “The ReCollect staff are all across North America, but digital tools allow us to share ideas, inspire and help each other, and really be a team together, no matter where we are in the world. It’s a fascinating mix of people that I work with, despite not having met any of them in person.”

Outside of the virtual office, Phil decompresses by spending time around those he loves most – his wife Gemma, and their Siberian Forest Cat, Mia. He confesses that he really doesn’t have a lot to stress out over, thanks to having a role that allows him to help others and the planet at the same time.

“I get to work with a company that’s growing quickly, and with a real team spirit and camaraderie that makes each day enjoyable.”

Phil Blythe Collection Calendar Webinars

Want to see more of Phil? Check out his webinar for how ReCollect’s Collection Calendar can help you today:

6 Fast Facts About Phil

What is Phil listening to? At the moment, Bastille’s latest album. They’re a UK band that I’ve been following since they first started in 2010.

What is Phil doing in his free time? I’ve been a huge Formula 1 fan since I was 5 years old, so shout out to any Charles Leclerc fans listening or reading this interview.

If you were a hot sauce, what level would you rate yourself and why? Let’s go with a 7/10! I think I’m positive, exciting and contribute well to a conversation, without being overpowering.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? I love to travel and explore the world, so being able to teleport anywhere would be ideal, both in terms of speed and also not having to offset the carbon from my plane ticket.

People on planet earth should: Recycle as much as they can.

The world could do without: Mushrooms.🍄 ♻️