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Solid Waste Summer

*We’ve put together the best waste industry news from June!*

Happy June, recycling friends! As we gear up for summer, we’re also thinking about how to help our ReCollect family meet a variety of new regulations that are taking effect, such as the MassDEP Waste Disposal Bans.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection issued its 2030 Solid Waste Master Plan, which calls for a 30% statewide reduction of waste disposal over the next decade. Its long-term goal is to reduce waste disposal by 90% by 2050.

To help meet those goals, MassDEP now limits the disposal of organic waste — including food — from businesses and other institutions that dispose of more than one ton of these materials per week, while banning textiles and mattresses from disposal or transport for disposal in Massachusetts.

Like Massachusetts, as municipalities and organizations everywhere work to decrease their solid waste, more and more entities are recognizing the importance of recycling textiles — especially as the fast fashion industry booms. More than 100 billion garments are being produced annually, according to an article published by McKinsey & Company. McKinsey also notes that for every five garments that are produced, the equivalent of three pieces of clothing are taken to a landfill or are incinerated every year.

If you’re considering adding mattress and textile collections to your recycling repertoire, we can help. For instance, the Waste Wizard can be used to tell your community how to properly dispose of their mattresses, clothing items and other textiles, including drop-off sites for recycling or donation centers for reusing.

For bulky items such as mattresses, our Special Collection scheduling tool enables people to schedule pick-ups while lowering your call volumes and curbing illegal dumping.

As MassDEP says, waste bans on any item, including textiles and mattresses, not only boost recycling and support the recycling industry, but they also help us to save energy, conserve valuable resources, reduce emissions and decrease our reliance on incinerators and landfills, too.


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