Formerly the domain of the legal, insurance, and restaurant sectors, municipalities are starting to use billboards as part of their communications efforts.

The reasons are simple: well-placed billboards generate a lot of repeat “impressions,” and can in fact be surprisingly affordable.

There’s a few things to keep in mind to get the most out of your billboards:

  • Minimal text: The best practice is seven words or less! Remember, people are moving quickly past your billboard – they only have a short time to read and recall your message.

  • Strong image: One large, strong image is better than lots of little images. This is particularly challenging for municipalities that want to highlight all the items that can be recycled!

  • Think big: Billboards are large and seen at a distance. Thin visual elements can be hard to distinguish, so use think lines, etc.

  • Be creative: Using a funny, or even provocative, image or message will help generate recall.

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